• Winter in Buenos Aires: our favourite indoor activities

    Winter in Buenos Aires: our favourite indoor activities

    Winter in Buenos Aires might not be exactly as cold as winter in your own country (some would say it’s more like autumn), but believe us… although there is a lot to love about winter in Buenos Aires it can be quite chilly! We help you with some tips on where to stay warm and spend part of your winter days if you don’t want to be wandering around outside for all too long.

    Cinema Gaumont – only Argentine movies

    This cinema, located on Plaza Congreso, broadcasts Argentine movies of all kind (drama, romantic comedy, documentaries). Beware: without subtitles! Thanks to government subsidies it’s ridiculously cheap, only 8 pesos, less then USD1. There is no bar or counter inside so buy your popchoclo (popcorn) in front and look for a nice bar close by on the square.

    In case you can’t handle: Cinemas with subtitles (and international productions) can be found amongst others on Avenida Corrientes.

    Microcentro: Rivadavia 1635

    Cinema Gaumont_Winter in Buenos Aires_Marcelo Gomez
    Photo by Marcelo Gomez

    La Catedral – where the locals go to tango

    No one can leave Buenos Aires without having tried some tango or at least visiting a show. If you’re looking for something else then one of the classical places then La Catedral is the place to be. An old factory building with dimmed light and cool decoration where multiple tango classes are offered every night. If you don’t want to participate then consider going somewhat later when the milonga starts. Then there will be more locals and you’ll be able to enjoy higher quality tango.

    For a more classical experience, consider visiting Café Tortoni or Confiteria Ideal, both in Microcentro. Want to try out something else then tango? La Viruta in Palermo offers besides tango also salsa, bachata, kizomba and rock&roll classes. And don’t miss out on the yearly tango festival (12-25 of August)!

    Palermo: Sarmiento 4006

    La Catedral_winter in buenos aires
    Photo by Foto Ruta’s Joss Mandryk

    El Ateneo – bring your own book

    There are several El Ateneo branches but the Gran Splendid branch on Avenida Santa Fe is definitely most worth to visit. It’s one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world and located in a very well preserved former theatre and cinema. You’ll be amazed by the interior!

    Have a coffee on the stage and browse through the shelves. Other idea: consider bringing your own book or e-reader. And don’t worry if you don’t understand Spanish; simply pick a photography book! A perfect place to read yourself through the winter in Buenos Aires.

    Recoleta: Santa Fe 1860

    El Ateneo Grand Splendid_winter in buenos aires_Niels Mickers
    Photo by Niels Mickers

    Galerias Pacifico – greediness assured

    Open 7 days a week, this shopping centre consists of a large amount of high-end stores. It’s housed in an elegant building (by example of Le Bon Marché in Paris) with beautiful frescoes. During the week it’s possible to attend guided tours on the buildings’ history and featured art.

    Food and drinks can be found through the whole building but in the basement a large food court is situated. Here you find everything from healthy options to KFC – don’t forget the delicious chocolate from Abuela Goye. On the 3rd floor the Borges Cultural Centre is located which offers events, workshops and exhibitions.

    Microcentro: a whole block between Florida, Cordoba, San Martin and Viamonte

    Galerias Pacifico_winter in buenos aires_Victor Casale
    Photo by Victor Casale

    Teatro Colon – Sunday morning for free

    Teatro Colon, Buenos Aires main opera house, offers guided tours through its building (1908). Although it’s indeed amazingly beautiful you might think 180 pesos is a bit expensive for what you get, so a more valuable option might be – of course – attending a show. Check the calendar on the website and find out what suits your interest. The specialty is opera but they also offer ballet and other concerts.

    If you’re on a real tight budget you can attend the Sunday morning concert for free! Make sure you hop by the ticket office on Friday to get your tickets.

    Microcentro: Tucumán 1171

    Teatro Colon_winter in buenos aires_Estrella Herrera
    Photo by Estrella Herrera

    Museums – more than MALBA

    While MALBA (Museum of Latin American Art) is mentioned the most, there are a lot more museums – as you can expect from one of the worlds biggest cities. Don’t hesitate to combine more than one museum on one day since in general the admission fees are very cheap.

    Depending on your taste you can visit the MACBA (Museum of Contemporary Art), located right next to the MAMBA (Museum of Modern Art) in San Telmo. Or stay close to the MALBA and visit the free MNBA (Museum of Fine Arts).

    If you’re more interested in a national experience, consider visiting the Museums of Carlos Gardel and Evita. If you understand Spanish then the Museo Bicentenario (right behind the Casa Rosada, with free guided tours) is well worth a visit to understand 200 years of complicated Argentine politics.

    If you like to let time pass by eating and drinking then check out the best bars of Buenos Aires.

    More on why to love winter in Buenos Aires in our older blog post!



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