• Why Foto Ruta loves ice-cream in Buenos Aires

    Why Foto Ruta loves ice-cream in Buenos Aires

    Foto Ruta loves ice cream and it’s very possible that ice cream loves us back.! If you’re in Buenos Aires for the holidays this year and/or if you come out to any of Foto Ruta’s photography excursions, you’re likely to hear about, experience, and ultimately taste a little piece of heaven known as helado (ice cream in Spanish). Not to fret, we’ll give you the list of “must go” places to hit up if you want the best cream in the city. First, let’s simply answer the question: Why is ice-cream so good in Buenos Aires?

    1. You can eat it in your swimwear

    Eating a steak in your bikini top just doesn’t seem quite right but ice-cream, in this climate, I think so! If you have images of rollerblading barbie with a pony-tail and an ice-cream cone in hand you’re really not far off. Cool down in Buenos Aires with an ice-cream in one of the city’s many parks and plazas and feel free to strip down to the bare minimums.


    2. You can have it delivered

    While many visitors to the city will happily take a stroll to their nearest cobble-stone heladeria ( ice-cream shop ) in Buenos Aires you have options! Those options include not going anywhere and still getting ice cream by simply dialing up a very long South-American telephone number and having it arrive to your address. Anytime and Anywhere. It seems like a lazy thing to do…but on a hot day in the comfort of your air-conditioner ice-cream delivery is a bonus. Why didn’t Starbucks think of this?!!


    3. There is a flavor for everyone…I mean everyone

    Forget Ben & Jerry’s or Baskin Robbins 31 flavors. This is Buenos Aires; mecca for the bohemian ” what I want and how I want” and let that not end with ice-cream. Though Dulce de leche continues to be the reigning front-runner of most popular flavor, you can try your hand at flavors of red-wine, rosemary, pistachio, whisky, and many more. The average number of choice in flavor in any given ice-cream shop is at least 20-25 options.


    4. It eases the pain

    Every get in a fight with your travel partner on vacation? A quarrel with your girlfriend because she locked you out of the hotel room. Look no further than ice cream to resolve all your problems. In Buenos Aires because there is a heladeria on every corner, this shouldn’t take long. It’s the ultimate dispute-resolution treat. If you’re in a fight with someone or just stressed out – go get an ice-cream and watch your worries literally – melt away.


    5. It’s Italian and sexy

    If some of you are asking, “why oh why” is ice-cream so popular amongst Portenos ( people from Buenos Aires )?! Look no further than its Italian cousin, the gelato ( softer and kept slightly less chilled than ice-cream). The Italian immigrants to Buenos Aires have well-entrenched themselves in the gastronomic tendencies of Portenos and ice-cream is no exception. And because it’s Italian…well….that makes it sexy too. Try taking photos of blood-sausage. Let me tell you, not the same.


    Foto Ruta’s picks for Ice Cream in Buenos Aires

    • Freddo   -its a chain so can be found all over the city -plus it delivers to your door so what more could you want?
    • Volta – there are branches of this all over the city, pretty similar to Freddo.
    • Cadore –  Corrientes 1695, Centro – seriously good quality and not too far from Expanish so definitely worth a visit!
    • Persicco – Juramento 2360, Belgrano – although they’re a chain and so therefore are in numerous locations around Buenos Aires.
    • Tufic – Guatemala 4597, Palermo – located in a great, central place and still amazing quality – the ice cream here is so thick and gooey, you can’t help but love it.
    • Procopio, Sanchez de Bustamante 2104, Palermo chico – this one is good for the chocolate fan with about a third of the 30 different flavours on offer here based on chocolate, chocolate lovers will be in heaven!
    • La Comarca, Juramento 2492, Belgrano – sweet little heladería where the staff are very friendly, and the quality is very high…a good all-rounder!


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