• Why Buenos Aires is so damn good for taking photos

    At Foto Ruta we never stop heaping the praise on our beloved city of Buenos Aires. Not only because there’s no better place to get a mean steak, soak up the sunshine on a rooftop terrace, or party until 6am without anyone raising a disapproving eyebrow. Even more importantly, for us, Buenos Aires is such a damn good city for photographers. Why? Here’s why….

    1. Diversity

    In Buenos Aires no one barrio is exactly like another and most of the time they are completely different. Recoleta reminds most people of paris, while San Telmo is a colorful Latin neighborhood with narrow streets and tango culture. Conclusion: A day walking around BA with your camera will have you on inspiration overload simply because of the variety and diversity you have to photograph.

    Subte buenos aires

    2. Access

    Ever been in a gorgeous city like Paris or New York and been constantly hassled by security, telling you not to photograph, or to erase your memory card? Or the general “ you might be dangerous” vibe felt by many with a big lens and a desire to capture? Well, you won’t experience this paranoia vibe in BA. Quite the opposite. There is almost nowhere you CAN’T photograph and most of the time a first-time “NO” could be a second-time” YES” if you simply spend enough time sweet talking the right person. Shoot all, shoot free…and be i

    nspired by the lack of restrictions to all the things you want to photograph.

    La Bombonera, argentina

    1. Climate

    Buenos Aires has a solid 6 months of summer, hot temperatures, and blue skies. For this reason, its a low-maintenance gig going out the door as a photographer, because the weather is usually consistant from the start of your day to the end of it, while the moderate seasonal temperatures make a single waredrobe for one day, an easy decision in the morning. This means you can concentrate on which lenses to bring rather than whether you have enough warm clothing.

    parque de la memoria, buenos aires

    1. Good-lookin’ locals

    Ever been to Russia? I have because that’s my heritage and everyone over 42 is ugly, angry and has a grumpy disposition. Think I’m joking? Go to Moscow in February and tell me I’m wrong. Though beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and all things wretched are as inspiring to photograph as those that are pretty, its quite nice to have an entire urban population of generally photogenic people. Not to mention, being the some of the most extroverted people you’re likely to come across. Take advantage of this; approach a stranger. Make them sing under your lens…no really; everyone feels beautiful when a photographer wants to take their photo.

    argentine women

    5.Night Life

    Although the very definition of photography shouts “light, light light”, the night lights of a city that never sleeps…trust me…never (except for sundays until 3pm when brunch and futbol begin), is something to capture under your lens. As most photographers seek the light and photograph during the day, why not challenge yourself to capture the energy of local night life from Tango dancers, to glowing cocktails and lit up theatre venues. Try it…you might surprise yourself.


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