• What We Love about Apple’s iOS 7

    What We Love about Apple’s iOS 7

    We already raved about our favorite features on the new iPhone, but we’d thought we’d share a list of our favorite new features from Apple’s newest operating system. The iOS 7 was released just a few weeks ago, and the team at Foto Ruta didn’t hesitate to download it immediately.

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    The iOS 7 was Apple’s biggest operating system overhaul and comes with so many new features. Our first impression? It’s pretty. Not only that but it’s filled with lots of usability upgrades. Below are just a few of our favorites.

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    CONTROL CENTER – This nifty feature gets you to the things you’re looking for faster. The semi-translucent menu can be accessed at any time by simply swiping up. Within the menu, you can gain quick access to Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode, adjustment sliders for volume and screen brightness, audio controls, and shortcuts to the calculator, flashlight, and timer.

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    iTUNES RADIO – Step over, Pandora. Music lovers are fawning over this new feature. Apple’s iTunes has been the premiere music downloading source for years but it has been late to the game to offer it’s customers a music streaming service. The application uses your music library to help select songs and also has a ton of preset stations to choose from.


    SIRI’S NICER – There are three things we’re excited about in regards to our favorite virtual personal assistant. One, Siri now sounds more like a real person with a clearer, crisper voice. Two, she can now be a dude. Three, you can tell her (or him) when she is wrong. Apple has added a feature to allow you to correct Siri’s pronunciation for those tricky words. Just tell Siri, “that’s not how you pronounce that.” Then all you need to do is properly say your best friends quirky nickname or finally set Siri strait on how to say “calle” the Castellano way.

    If you’ve every been curious about how they created Siri’s voice, here’s a cool mini-documentary about How Siri Speaks.

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    AUTOMATIC UPDATES– No more pesky update alerts! This iOS 7 feature can be turned on in the App store. All you need to do is select “automatically update” and voilá. It’s so simple but oh so helpful.

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    VISUAL IMPROVEMENTS – Did we mention that the iOS 7 is really pretty? Apple got rid of the black bars at the top and bottom, streamlined the content and lightened up the font. The new screen features bright, white backgrounds, flattened images and an overall lighter apperance. Apple basically decided that less is more, and we couldn’t agree more.

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    Overall, the iOS 7 has not disappointed. At Foto Ruta, we’re still exploring the new features and excited to see what other tricks this new operating system has in store for us. One thing is for sure, we feel like we have brand new iPhones!


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