• Weekend Special: 5 Places to Brunch in Buenos Aires

    Weekend Special: 5 Places to Brunch in Buenos Aires


    Though Buenos Aires is known for it’s malbec & meats, it has to be said that the second favorite gastronomic outing to take advantage of while visiting the city ( and don’t forget your camera!) is brunch.

    Now let’s be clear, brunch in most countries means the meal that combines breakfast ( desayuno ) with lunch ( almuerzo ) and would fall somewhere between 11am and 2pm in many places in the world. Well, you might want to adjust your schedule, the busiest time for a weekend brunch in Buenos Aires is…pretty much all day and many places still offer breakfast specials well past 4pm. But in a city that never sleeps where you might not have either, it’s a fine way to take advantage of late starts.

    There are literally dozens of great spots to brunch in BA, but these are some of our favs:)

    The Hernan Gipponi Restaurant at El Fierro Hotel Boutique

    Location: Palermo Hollywood
    Address: Solar 5862, Palermo
    Online: www.fierrohotel.com
    Price: 100 pesos and worth every single centavo! Sit out in the beautiful garden or admire the newly decorated restaurant. You can’t go wrong with this pick and it’ll fill you up too.


    Cafe Jolie, French Bistro

    Location: Belgrano R
    Address: Conde 2036 (Plaza Castelli)
    Online: www.joliebistro.com.ar
    Price: 40-70 pesos …the homemade French pastries are delicious and the ambiance is like an upscale picnic. Tres chic.

    Artemisia Cocina Natural

    Location: Palermo Hollywood ( there are 2 locales but this is the best for brunch)
    Address: Gorriti 5996 (esq. Arevalo)
    Online: www.artemisianatural.com.ar
    Price: 50-80 pesos. In my opinion some of the best homemade bread in town and fresh breads aren’t always easy to come by so enjoy this carbohydrate experience. You sort of feel like you’re brunching inside a Chia Pet. Vines cover the entire outside of the establishment.

    Mott Cocina de Mercado

    Location: Palermo Soho
    Address: El Salvador 4685 ( near Plaza Armenia)
    Online: www.mottresto.com.ar
    Price: 45-75 pesos. If you want alcohol with your brunch, this is the place to go. (Champagne cocktails especially). It has that super-hip vibe that begins when the place opens and bed-like lounge booths where you can feel free to stretch out. There is always good music playing here as well.

    El Panaderia de Pablo

    Location: San Telmo
    Address: Defensa 269 ( right on your market route )
    Online: www.lapanaderiadepablo.com
    Price: 35-60 pesos. This place has this cool refurbished factory feel with lots of room to spread out and a little outdoor space out back. Their coffee is so good, as is their huevos.

    Other great Places to go:

    Malvon in Villa Crespo
    Mooi Restaurante in Belgrano
    Oui Oui in Palermo Hollywood
    Pani in Palermo Hollywood
    Olsen in Palermo Hollywood
    Random juice bar on the corner of Paraguay and Carrenza ( Palermo Hollywood )
    Natural Deli in Las Canitas

    Check out Pick up the Fork and The Lost Asian for more great foodie recommendations:)


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