• Weather wonders in Buenos Aires

    Weather wonders in Buenos Aires

    The state of the weather can hugely effect the life of a photographer, the change of light or a flash flood can offer up great photography opportunities or vice versa ruin a planned photography expedition.

    Luckily, Buenos Aires is blessed with wonderful weather – this is a statement that comes directly from the mouth of English half of Foto-Ruta BA, and boy, do we Brits like to talk about the weather. But it’s true Buenos Aires is blessed with a great climate. Beautifully hot summers, if a little clammy at times, stunning autumns and Mediterranean springs. Plus the winters in BA arent so bad wither. Last weekend’s sunshine brought temperatures of 18 degrees, just a teeny bit hotter than what the British midsummer was offering up on the same day.


    But the really really great thing about weather in BA in our humble opinion are the weather phenomena’s, and we’re not talking about the ‘sensacion termatica’, a dramatization of the weather that sees Argentine weather reporters claiming “its 30 degrees outside but the humidity / sensacion termatica makes it feel like 45!!”

    No, we’re talking about the little weather anomalies that apparently visit Buenos Aires each year.  We have the Tormenta de Santa Rosa (or the Santa Rosa storm), a storm which according to locals, appears every year just before or just after the end of August. The weather system is said to sweep up from Santa Rosa in the south of Argentina, unleashing the biggest storms of the year on the capital, bringing dark skies, dramatic lightening and leading to flooding in prone areas like Palermo. And our favorite part of this weather legend, is that in its wake, the storm leaves behind it eight months of sweet warm sunshine.

    Another little weather legend we really like is the Veranito de San Jan (or the Little Summer of St John). A fleeting little outbreak of warm weather that hits Chile and Argentina in late June. Apparently this takes place due to the cold fronts coming in from Antarctica being blocked by warm air, raising the BA mercury up to the mid 20s for a brief period of seven days, before plummeting to the seasonal average of early teens. Whether it’s accurate or not, who knows, but taking a little summer vacation in the middle of winter, without even getting on a plane, sounds like a great idea to us.

    As this blog is posted the Tormenta de Santa is running late, so keep a look out for it. When and if the rain, thunder and lightening hit, get out and take some photos, and then rejoice in the fact that summer is coming!

    This post is also a nice excuse to publish a few lovely shots of weather inspired shots of Buenos Aires. Enjoy.






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