• Using Color in Photography | London Edition

    Using Color in Photography | London Edition

    Color is a powerful tool in photography. We’re getting ready for our first Foto Ruta Weekly London tour next month and we thought we’d showcase some of ‘The Smoke’s’ flare with some great examples of color-usage in London street photography. And what better way to show this by using one of the most striking colors of all? That’s right, we’re painting London black and white and red all over!

    Photo courtesy of Amanda Slater via Flickr

    london street photography, red

    Photo courtesy of Moon Lee via Flickr

    london street photography, color, red

    Photo courtesy of @Doug88888 via Flickr

    Color is an important part of photography. It allows photographers to create mood, surprise and contrast in a photo. London is known for it’s gray and foggy days but it’s not hard to find bursts of color in every nook and cranny of the city.

    red, photography

    Photo courtesy of Auntie P via Flickr

    red peppers

    Photo courtesy of Matthew Kirkland via Flickr

    Mood is perhaps the easiest thing to convey through color usage. Different colors tend to evoke different emotions. Bright, vibrant colors like orange and yellow give images an energetic vibe whereas deep, cool colors like blue tend to be more calming. Red is one of the most powerful colors. It can be interpreted as passionate, angry or alarming. Perhaps, this versatility is what makes it so interesting.

    red, photography, street photography

    Photo courtesy of Simon Welsh via Flickr

    london sreets

    Photo Courtesy of Gary Knight via Flickr

    Creating contrast between the background and subject matter of an image is a great opportunity to use color. By using color to emphasize your subject, you can easily highlight where you want the focus to be in an image.

    red dress, london photography

    Photo courtesy of xpgomes11 via Flickr

    red, london photography

    Photo courtesy of Tomasz Kulbowski via Flickr

    Photo courtesy of echiner via Flickr

    Color doesn’t always have to be used as an accent. Monochromatic images can be just as striking. Even with a bold hue like red, it’s easy to create a monochromatic image. The lack of other colors in the photo below creates an emphasis on the lines, shadows and textures of the wall.

    red, monochromatic, london photography

    Photo Courtesy of Max Sang via Flickr

    red, lines, london photography

    Photo courtesy of Jo Dooher via Flickr

    red london

    Photo courtesy of James Watt via Flickr

    The bottom line is using color is fun. At Foto Ruta, it’s no secret we’re fans of all things bright and beautiful. So do us a favor and next time your shooting, keep an eye out for some of those great, bold hues! Send us some of your favorites and we might just have to share some of them on the blog!


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