• Uruguayan Road Trip: Photo Essay

    Uruguayan Road Trip: Photo Essay

    For those of you who’ve never been to Uruguay, put it on your bucket list. Peaceful, photogenic, understated, intriguing and beautiful, Uruguay has, for a long time now, been Foto Ruta’s peaceful haven away from our fun but chaotic and exhausting home that is Buenos Aires. Every couple of months we pop across the brown sea/river that is the Rio del Plata for a Uruguayan getaway. In January we did the same, but this time we hired a car and drove from top to bottom. Starting with…

    Cabo Polonio

    A beautiful, other-wordly peninsula in the north of Uruguay. You need to take a dune buggy to get there (no roads, running water or electricity..) its a windblown, and remote destination but well worth the trip. More info on rentals and listings in Cabo Polonio here

    cabo polonioCabo Polonio’s lighthouse is visible from all directions

    Horse and washing in Black and White, Cabo Polonio Uruguay

    Graffiti and dark skies in Cabo Polonio, Uruguay

    uruguay beach sceneThe view from our favorite beach bar in Cabo

    duck and lighthouse Ruffle feathered duck, Cabo  Polonio Uruguay

    Washing in the wind, Cabo Polonio Uruguay

    uruguay beach barThe best beach bar in Uruguay

    La Paloma and La Pedrera

    Moving a bit further down the coast you hit the little surf town of La Pedrera and the bigger more residential town of La Paloma. Great beaches and they have the bonus of being a little less expensive and elite than their high rolling neighbours Jose Ignacio and Punta del Este. Check out the different areas of the Rocha coastline here 

    fishing boats in uruguayFishing boats on La Paloma Beach

    Sand dunes in La Pedrera

    Jose Ignacio

    Punta del Este’s more understated, more beautiful, and effortlessly classy boho chic younger sister, Jose Ignacio sits on a headland, with two beaches on either side. The town is made up of shack-style mansions inhabited by Argentina’s rich and famous, and over priced The Hamptons styled restaurants and cafes. Well worth a visit for the day or two and if the budget stretches, make sure you have a long lunch at beach side restaurant La Huella. 

    uruguay sunset

    Surfers watching the sunset

    lighthouse in uruguayLighthouse Jose Ignacio

    Jose ignacioLong seafood lunch at La Huella, Jose Ignacio

    Forest at sunset


    Uruguay’s capital Montevideo sits a few hours down the coast from Punta and Jose Ignacio. A city that continues to confuse and confound us, Montevideo can be described as a smaller, emptier, version of Buenos Aires by the sea. Its an oddity of a city, that exhibits the empty, wind blown deserted feel of a British seaside resort, the crumbling latin buildings of Buenos Aires’ San Telmo district, combined with a strange mix of 1950s bungalows and brutalist architecture. Despite the less than glowing description, its a place we continue to be intrigued by. If you intend to visit the Mercado del Puerto and Jacinto restaurant  are our recommended lunch spots.

    Uruguayan viejosMontevideo viejos

    fruit and veg shop in montevideoVeg shopping in Montevideo, Uruguay


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