• What makes editing photos less painful? Do it over wine…

    Foto Ruta Anuva Wines

    Once a week at Foto-Ruta we gather round our little LCD screens and cameras to pick ( or selection ) the photographs that best represent the clues and neighborhood we spent the afternoon shooting. In photography, we like to call this “chimping.” As in all of us photographers hover around the nearest camera like a group of monkeys and excitedly chirp about the images we’ve just taken. It’s a funny little exercise but anyone who likes photography can related to; this exciting moment at the end of your day where you get to actually see what you’ve captured and/or share it with others.

    The one added bonus of chimping after your photo session when you live in Buenos Aires is that most all of the time this will be accompanied by the act of drinking wine…red wine to be more precise…Malbec if you really want to get picky. And let’s just say that it makes the process of picking those 10 precious photos all that more enjoyable.Swirling around a glass of the red stuff this country is famous for in one hand and hitting the delete button on your Canon in the other. Not a bad way to wrap up the day.

    This week in developing our circuit of clues for Barrio Chino ( China Town ) in Belgrano, Buenos Aires, Becky and I had the privilege of perusing our fotos over…a few glasses of wine…The Anuva kind of wine experience of actual wine tasting! We had niblets, and a guided explanation of what was what and where it came from and let’s just say we might have forgotten about the photos for a moment but it was well worth our experience. Our hosts engaged us in the art of vino so much so that we put aside the art in our cameras and appreciated a little bit more of this afternoon treat.

    We sipped a few glasses and snapped a few shots of the cultural experience not to be missed in Argentina’s captial: wine tasting.  If you’re looking for a place to enjoy this amongst friendly sommeliers and a nice variety, try Anuva. It’s our new favorite place to review our pictures and well…forget about them altogether:)

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