• Top 5 (weird) things to do in Buenos Aires

    Top 5 (weird) things to do in Buenos Aires

    At Foto Ruta Buenos Aires we pride ourselves on showing people the more alternative side of our wonderful Argentine capital. Yeah the Casa Rosada is worth a glance or two, Recoleta cemetery can fill a bit time, and no trip to Buenos Aires is complete without some kind of arty/dirty Obelisco shot. But Foto Ruta is all about uncovering the more intriguing parts of the city, and taking a few photos along the way. So, with that in mind, we wanted to gift you with our top five alternative things to do in Buenos Aires (if you’re in anyway prudish or lacking a sense of humor then we advise you to stop reading and get back on the BA big yellow bus. Now.)

    1)       See a Revista Show on Corrientes

    Take a bunch of feathers, a ‘monton’ of glitter, a herd of vedettes (if you don’t know what a vedette is it’s as close as you can get to being a porn star without actually being one, check out Bailar por un Sueno, Argentina’s somewhat risqué version of the UK’s Strictly Come Dancing to find out more), some ageing orange and highly un-PC comedians and a series of innuendo filled scenes and dances acted out on stage, and you have a Revista Show, in all its kitsch inappropriate glory.

    Shows take place on Corrientes in between Callao and 9 de Julio

    wierd things to do in buenos aires

    2)       Visit the land of Christ and fibre-glass

    It’s the world’s only religious theme park. Also known as Jesus World. You can watch a nativity light show, enjoy the really spectacular animatronics, experience the resurrection of the giant animatronic fibre-glass Jesus out of the Temple Mount every hour on the hour and see a belly dancing show (not quite sure of the belly dancer’s link to Jesus but it’s an enjoyable show). The best part of Foto Ruta’s visit was the Fatay (Arabic empanadas) and the great vista of the planes landing in nearby Jorge Newbery airport. And the fact we can say we’ve been to a religious theme park

    Rafael Obligado 5790 (Costanera Norte)

    3)       Late night choripan and transexuals

    Head to the area around the Bosques de Palermo in the day and you can enjoy a stroll around the lake, hire a bike or some rollerblades and watch the children playing hide and seek amongst the trees. All very wholesome. Rock up a few hours later and you’ll see lines of transvestites and transsexuals lining the route. Some fully clothed some totally 100% disnudo save for a pair of 9 inch heels. If you fancy a late night snack, there are some great choripan vendors close by. We’ll leave it there.

    The Bosques (woods) are located between Libertador y Figueroa Alcorta Avenues

     Choripan costanera sur buenos aires

    4)       Korean karaoke and connected mince

    One of Foto Ruta’s absolute favorite ways to let our hair down after a busy Saturday exploring one of our favorite Buenos Aires neighborhoods, is to head to the outskirts of Capital, to Barrio Coreano, a part of town where few taxi drivers dare to go (and for good reason, it’s close to one of Buenos Aires’ most dangerous villas). But it’s well worth the trip. Upon entering the restaurant you’ll be greeted by your own huge table complete with personal barbeque and a spread of weird and wonderful food, complete with piles of connected mince (delicious. Honestly.) all ready to be cooked by your own bare hands, and washed down with Soju. Then, once you’ve drunk so much Soju you cant see straight, its time for Karaoke. Run the villa gauntlet to the karaoke bar across the road and spend the evening blasting out your favorite cheesy songs in your own karaoke chamber styled in a hybrid Boogie Nights / The Shining style

    The Korean restaurant can be found at Av. Carabobo 1575

    Korean barbque food in Buenos Aires

    5)       Go to the gym in Mcdonalds

    If you generally avoid eating Mcdonalds due to the Big Mac induced guilt and self disgust you experience afterwards, try hitting the Cabildo branch in Belgrano. Equipped with its very own gym for you to work off the 800 calories you’ve ingested. Foto Ruta wasn’t quite sure of its feelings when we first discovered ‘Ronald’s Gym’. We’ve now settled on thinking it’s weird and quite wrong

    The address of the McGym in Belgrano is Cabildo & Olleros


    Gym in mcdonald's


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