• Top 5 Places for a Unique Date in Buenos Aires

    Top 5 Places for a Unique Date in Buenos Aires

    When you think of a date in Buenos Aires, it might conjure up an image of two lovers sharing a bottle of Malbec, watching tango dancers as they glide past their table and catching each other’s eyes intermittently before hitting the dance-floor themselves…. However, the reality is quite different. You are more likely to be sat sharing a bottle of Quilmes in a corner bar, where the only thing gliding past you is a teenager doing flips on their skateboard. Albeit, this isn’t a bad night out (maybe even fun) but we thought you could do better so we’ve put together our top 5 places for a unique date in Buenos Aires:

    Night at the Museum

    On the last Thursday of every month, the city’s Las Bellas Artes museum opens its doors after hours, leaving you to roam around and enjoy its exhibitions, as well as check out a showcase of work from local artists and creatives. You and your date can wander around at your own pace then end your evening with a beer and DJ set on the roof terrace. Plus… it’s all for free! Click here for more details.

    Photo courtesy of Las Bellas Artes Museum

    Open Mic Mondays

    Every Monday, La Dama de Bollini, a beautifully decorated bar, hosts ‘Folk You Monday’, an open mic night for budding musicians. Order a bottle of wine, cosy up to your date and enjoy the eclectic mix of music and talent in front of you.

    Photo courtesy of Folk You Mondays

    Picnic at the Reserva

    Thanks to the reliable blue skies and bearable weather here in Buenos Aires, picnics in the park can take place at most times of the year. The Reserva Ecologica in Puerto Madero is a special place to enjoy long walks and to soak up a bit of nature with your date.

    Photo courtesy of Pablo PD

    Closed Door Restaurant

    Closed door restaurants are fast becoming a popular night out for anyone in Buenos Aires and we reckon they’re particularly fun if you’re with a date. Check out Pick Up The Fork and My Beautiful Air for the inside scoop on the best closed door spots in the city.

    Photo courtesy of Michael

    Theatre in the Dark

    You might not be able to see your date but you will certainly have a lot to talk about after this experience. Teatro Ciego runs special evenings in the dark almost every night of the week, including: experiential theatre, music and even dinner (for this one, you might want to excuse yourself briefly to check that you haven’t got food all down your face!)

    Photo courtesy of Sarmale / Olga

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