• Top 5 Non-Touristy Things to do in Buenos Aires

    Top 5 Non-Touristy Things to do in Buenos Aires

    Buenos Aires is full of things to do, places to visit and corners to explore.  Everything touristy including tango shows, and strolls down Caminito or browsing for antiques in San Telmo is great fun, but there is much more to the city than the brochures sell. If you’re looking for another side of the city, for alternative things to do, or want to experience how the locals enjoy it, then check out our pick of top 5 non-touristy things to do in Buenos Aires!

    1- Things to do in Buenos Aires:  Hidden Markets

    (Photo by Lionel Fernandez Roca)

    Typical touristy markets include the San Telmo antique market, and the Dorrego Flea Market in Palermo. However, how about heading to the outskirts of the city to look for antiques at the Tren de la Costa Maipu and Borges train stations? After, you can continue on the same train to the Tigre Delta and explore the Puerto de Frutos market, where local artisan goods and other regional products are commercialized. While you’re in the area, you can also go kayaking, head to a fun park or have dinner at one of the exclusive river side restaurants.

    2- Things to do in Buenos Aires: Explore the River Front

    Río de la Plata

    Río de la Plata

    (Photo by José María Pérez Nuñez)

    If you are looking for things to do in Buenos Aires, then keep in mind it is a port city, and as such it has a great coast line to explore. Close to Puerto Madero is the Ecological Reserve from which you can snap a shot of an amazing view of the city. Further north, is the Costanera area which is full of nightclubs and restaurants, and towards the northern end, you can also catch some great exhibits at the stunning Parque de la Memoria. On the Province side of the General Paz Avenue, there is a long stretch of paved river front in Vicente Lopez which is great for rollerblading and walking, and even further north in Martinez you have a small ecological reserve, also by the river, and plenty of spots to do kite surfing and kayaking including the popular Peru Beach which is an upbeat place to stop for an outdoor beer overlooking the waterfront.

    3- Things to do in Buenos Aires: Tour an Alternative Neighborhood

    (Photo by Jorge Cabrera)

    There is a whole lot more to Buenos Aires than the gorgeous albeit touristy La Boca, Retiro, Recoleta, Palermo and San Telmo neighborhoods. Venture out a little further into Barracas, which features the famous Pasaje Lanin, or to the Caballito neighborhood where the Mercado del Progreso is located, or to Almagro which is peppered with lovely typical cafes and bars like El Banderín and Las Violetas and with small independent theatres.  Otherwise, just book one of Foto Ruta’s Off the Beaten Path Streetscape Tours and let yourself be pleasantly surprised.

    4- Things to do in Buenos Aires: “Centro Culturales”

    Centro Cultural Konex

    Centro Cultural Konex

    (Photo by Beatrice Murch)

    The MALBA and MAMBA are great spots for art lovers, and definitely recommended, however if you want to explore what the upcoming local art and music scene is up to, look for smaller venues such as Centro Cultural Konex, or Centro Cultural Matienzo, which are quirky neighborhood culture centers that are where porteños go to express themselves freely and in colour!

    5- Things to do in Buenos Aires: Bet on a Horse

    horse race

    (Photo by Hernán Valeriano)

    Argentina is well known for its tango, football and meat; however, it has also got a very active equestrian life. For an exciting afternoon plan, head to the Palermo racetracks and place your bet on one of the horses! You will get to experience the passionate Argentine character when the race is over and the regular betters either express their joyful wins or raging losses. Also, stay tuned for the Argentine polo tournaments, as they are one of the most important local sporting events that bring together the local jet set.


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