• Top 5 Buenos Aires Tours for Spring

    Top 5 Buenos Aires Tours for Spring

    As the days get warmer and flowers blossom, Buenos Aires becomes more appealing as an outdoor destination. With everything from urban to rural proposals, there’s plenty of options to get to know the city and its outskirts in unique ways. Below, our pick of top 5 Buenos Aires tours for the spring.

    Biking Buenos Aires:

    Buenos Aires ToursJuan Felipe Rubio

    With the city now full of bike paths, cycling in Buenos Aires has become a popular way to get around, and it is also a fun way to tour the city. Biking Buenos Aires offers sightseeing tours and theme tours that explore the city artscape and architecture. They also offer a generic day tour that leaves at 10 am every day from San Telmo. Check out their webpage here, and also be sure to check out the Masa Crítica facebook page for updates on one of the biggest biking events that take place in the city.


    streetartMcKay Savage

    The Buenos Aires street art scene boomed after the 2001 economic crisis and has since given the city streets a whole new front. Graffitimundo offers walking tours to get to know different areas in BA where the walls have become canvas, and also offers an art and activism tour that focuses on the political and social aspects of this type of art. Find out more about Graffitimundo and book your place in advance here.

    Foto Ruta:

    subwayHernán Piñera

    Photography tours are a great way to explore a city, plus you can take the pictures back as souvenirs, learn useful photography tips, and capture unique moments. With Foto Ruta you can take Smartphone tours, day tours or, the famous #Saturdays tour in which you have to follow a set of hashtags that lead you from spot to spot. Customized tours are also available, and make for a great group activity! More information and bookings here.

    Caballos a la Par:

    horsesFran Villena

    The great thing about Buenos Aires is that it’s not just city. The rural province is just around the corner from the city center, and at just half an hour drive away is a large forest reserve where you can take an afternoon off to go horseback riding and spend some quality time with nature. Find out more here.

    Sudeste Kayak:

    sudeste-kayakSudeste Kayak

    The Tigre Delta is well worth visiting as it is truly a unique place with a savageness about it that is perfect for an outdoor adventure. With Sudeste Kayak you have the chance to spend either the day, the afternoon or a moonlit night exploring the streams and bigger rivers of the Delta, and of getting proper guidance and support to make the event fun and memorable. More information here.


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