• Things to do in Buenos Aires (when its hot & sunny)

    Things to do in Buenos Aires (when its hot & sunny)

    Finally! The mercury is rising in Buenos Aires, the sunshine is out and the jacaranda trees are doing their thing. Luckily, despite being a big old metropolis, Buenos Aires is pretty equipped for enjoying the sun (that is until the over-use of Porteño air con doesn’t trip the city’s electrical system). Foto Ruta loves the sun, so we wanted to share with you some of our favourite things to do in Buenos Aires when its sunny.

    Spend a Porteño day in the park

    Head to the blanket of parkland and lakes that covers the east side of Buenos Aires, and incorporates Parque 3 de Febrero, Bosques de Palermo and the Rosedal. If the sun is out and its the weekend you’ll find them packed with porteño parklife, from sun worshippers, circus performers to picnic-ers and street sellers. A great place for people watching. If you’re feeling active, get back to the 80s; don your spandex, hire a pair of rollerblades and get skating. Finish off the day with a choripan and a cloud of pink candyfloss for pudding.

    Enjoy a lujo day at the Clubhouse

    Buenos Aires’ to Soho House, Oasis Clubhouse is a private members club, with private pool and cocktail bar. Spend the day lazing on a sunbed, while the waitress attends to your every need serving free drinks and snacks and a menu compiled of all the local restaurant offerings. Even better, the cocktails on offer at Oasis are some of the best in town.

    Get river-side

    There are a few hidden river-side gems in Buenos Aires. One of which is the Club de Pescadores.; recently featured in Latin GQ, is set at the end of a long pier and has recently been declared a national historical monument. A great place to capture perspective and drunken fishermen. Not into fishermen? Peru Beach might be more your thing. Not quite a beach and in no way linked to the country, Peru Beach is a watersports club with open air restaurant, cocktail bar and a load of deck chairs overlooking a river spot full of kite-surfers.

    Take a bike ride into nature

    Sitting on the edge of Buenos Aires’ luxury urban development Puerto Madero, La Reserva offers a huge contrast to the neighbourhood’s skyscrapers and concrete highways. Perched on land that was reclaimed from the Rio del Plata, La Reserva is an expanse of reed beds interspersed with sandy pathways that are just perfect for an afternoon bike ride. You can hire bikes (slightly rusty and worn ones) from just outside the gates and follow the route around until you reach the murky but impressive Rio del Plata. A huge expanse of water that resembles the sea, but isn’t the sea. Here you can get out your picnic sit back and watch the Iguanas and Parrot enjoy their little reserva paradise.

    Relax in a secret garden or green terrace and enjoy a Mint Ginger Lemonade 

    Too hot to even think about geting on a bike or pair of rollerblades? One of our favourite ways to rehydrate in the summer months is relaxing in one of Buenos Aires’ secret gardens or terraces with a Mint and Ginger lemonade in hand. A few of our favourite gardens to enjoy this wonderfully refreshing concoction are; Home Hotel, Fierro Hotel Boutique’s stunning little green oasis, Chacarita’s Full City Coffee and classic Recoleta hangout, Milion 


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