• The Foto Ruta 30/30 Challenge!

    30 Photos / 30 Clues

    From now until the end of March Foto Ruta, Buenos Aires is promoting it’s 1st annual 30/30 photography challenge. What is it? Just like our Argentina based photography tours, 30/30 is Designed to get you thinking a bit more your photos before you take them. Here’s what we want you to do:

    1. We give you 30 clues.
    2. You take photos of them.
    3. Upload them to our Flickr group ” Foto Ruta 30/30 Challenge”  and caption each foto with its relevant clue.

    On March 31st, we’ll be reviewing photography submissions. The most impressive photo series will win a free Foto Ruta Academia 1 Day street photography workshop in Buenos Aires for you and a friend. (A $500 value)


    • The photos must be taken by you (we’re professionals, we know if you’re lifting photos from other sources)
    • The photos you upload must be taken from now until the end of March, 2012. Please don’t use your archives.
    • The photos you upload must be 1000px wide minimum. We like big fotos, not tiny thumbnails
    • The photos must be uploaded with a caption so we know what clue they belong to.
    • You don’t have to be in Buenos Aires to participate. We’re creating an international community, so send us fotos from Morocco, Istanbul, France, or your basement. It’s your ideas, not your location.

    You can find our clues on listed on our Flickr group or browse them below. If you think this is a lot of work, well, we’re doing it too, so we’re all in the same boat:)

    Any questions, contact hola@foto-ruta.com


    1. Wasted
    2. Sentimental
    3. Tree of life
    4. At a crossroads
    5. A Single Teardrop
    6. Me + my alter-ego
    7. Making up for the past
    8. J is the happiest letter in the alphabet
    9. Moonwalk
    10.The Sky is falling
    11. The art of conversation
    12. Monsters under my bed
    13. Sugar-coated
    14. Tangled up with no place to go
    15. Looks better than it tastes
    16. Drug-like addiction
    17. You really shouldn’t do that in an elevator
    18. Relics of tomorrow
    19. Buena Onda ( good vibes )
    20. Urban warrior
    21. Seeing Double
    22. Hanging by a string
    23. The Music made me do it.
    24. Subway illusions
    25. Raindance
    26. I don’t think you should put that in your mouth
    27. Swords & capes
    28. Don’t look down
    29. Rays of hope
    30. The long road ahead


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