• The 5 worst photography quotes we’ve ever heard.

    At Foto Ruta, we like to stay on a positive note…as in, we’re optimists without being idealists. We look to the sun more than the cloud ( hence why our company is based in Buenos Aires ), and shoot when it rains because there’s beauty even when you’re drenched up to you knees in questionably dirty urban rain water and your camera may or may not survive the afternoon.

    But sometimes you encounter the ridiculous without calling it ignorant, and it’s time to stop for a laugh. Anyone who lives in Buenos Aires can surely relate and we thought featuring possibly the worst photographic quotes we’ve come across recently might make you realize you know more than you thought you did about the art of photography…or more about…well…anything for that matter.

    Here are our favorite worst quotes. We’re not saying don’t take the advice that’s on this list, we’re just letting you know that we’ll point and laugh (at you not with you) if one of our participants repeats them. Happy shooting:)

    1. “There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.”
    ( really?…no shit. Riveting )

    2.  “This is a perfect world, I’m riding on an incline, I’m staring in your face, You’ll photograph mine” ( can’t he just say…”can you take my photo please?”)

    3. “You press the button and we do the rest.” ( lazy )

    4. “I have discovered photography. Now I can kill myself. I have nothing else to learn.”
    ( lonely over-dramatic artist, didn’t get enough action.)

    5. “Too many cameras and not enough food.” ( Whiner. He should sign up for Foto-Ruta and learn something so he can pay for his food)




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