• 5 tips for a successful day of photography in Buenos Aires

    5 tips for a successful day of photography in Buenos Aires

    So you’re new in Buenos Aires and decided to go exploring a new area with your camera. You may be wondering how to organize, where to go and what definitely not to forget? Since we love photography and exploring every part of this fantastic city we are the one to explain the do’s and don’ts for street photography in Buenos Aires!

    Watch your step

    Anyone who visited this city will reckon: it’s tricky to wander around if you look at everything but the street right in front of you… Holes in the sidewalks where you don’t expect them. Slippery sidewalks because of humidity or people with a cleaning-tic. Lots of traffic (no we don’t like to be kissed by a car). Dog presents almost everywhere. Before getting all too pessimistic: please just look around to avoid embarrassing situations!

    Watch your step

    Personal safety and intuition

    It’s always a good idea but perhaps in Buenos Aires just a bit more than an average big city: watch your personal belongings. Combine this with being a street photographer holding one of your most valuable belongings in your hands…

    We would say: Hold the camera strap around your neck (also against drop-and-break), investigate a little bit the neighbourhood you want to go to (tip!), move with confidence, be aware of which scenes you maybe better not take photos of (fights may be spectacular but, well… you know) – follow your intuition. And consider going together: share the fun! Foto Ruta has guides who know what to look out for in each area.

    Safety and intuition

    What to wear?

    As street photographers the best tip ever might be obvious: ‘keep it lightweight’. Besides making you more flexible, it also makes you less intrusive. Always keep some space for an extra memory card or (external smartphone) battery. You never know what you run into!

    Luckily it’s almost always sunny in Buenos Aires, almost… and if it rains, it’s going hard. However, don’t be afraid of the rain: go for it and make it your challenge!

    Last but not least: bring a map, a Subte card for the public transport (you can buy this in a kiosko) and enough money for a taxi (generally cheap compared to other cities) and some relax-and-reload.

    What to wear

    Candid or connection

    We wrote about this a lot already: as a street photographer a great deal of your photos can, obviously, include people that were out on the streets. The nice thing about street photography in Buenos Aires in particular is that generally locals are willing to pose for you. Smiling and smalltalk will do the trick when asking for permission. Don’t be afraid that your Spanish is not good enough: people will definitely appreciate your nice-try.

    If you do want to take your photo candid though then pretend, or just keep on, photographing the whole environment. The following checklist can also help you.

    Candid or connection

    Event photography in Buenos Aires

    Shooting at an event can make your photo report so much more original! To stay updated on what’s going on in Buenos Aires, you can check the following pages:

    • The government website on festivals.
    • TimeOut Buenos Aires for events and much more – or buy the magazine itself!
    • Besides hinting to events, via the Facebook page of BigTime BuenosAires you’re also informed about discounts/promotions.
    • Follow Buenos Aires Travel Guide not only to be aware of activities and markets, but also for more background information.
    • And of course we also Facebook-post ourselves about the events on our schedule!

    Event photography in Buenos Aires

    Not sure where to go or what to photograph? Book a Foto Ruta tour and get it all organized!


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