• Street Photography Now Project

    Street Photography Now Project

    Foto Ruta recently stumbled upon a great Photography project ‘Street Photography Now’ which we feel really fits the mood and thinking behind what we here at Foto Ruta are trying to do.

    A collaboration between The Photographers’ Gallery, London and the authors of the book Street Photography Now, every week over the last year participants were issued with some kind of direction a bit like a Foto Ruta clue and were asked to send in their submissions. You can check out some of the submissions here

    The outcome of the project, only recently released into the public domain, is a fascinating series of photos that may not be techinically brilliant but offer a massivly eclectic and quirky view of street life. Exactly what we will be trying to do over the coming months with Foto Ruta.

    Here are some shots below from the winners….Jack Simon and Jo Paul Wallace

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