• Watch out Santiago…Foto Ruta is coming to get you!

    Watch out Santiago…Foto Ruta is coming to get you!

    This December, Foto Ruta is packing up its kit and crossing Andes to host a series of events in another of Latin America’s great metropolises, Santiago. We’re travelling to Chile’s capital with the intention of reaching out to Buenos Aires’ arch-capital city rival and spreading a bit of creative city tour love across the border with Foto Ruta Santiago

    Its been over a year since we, at Foto Ruta began our mission to change the face of city tours and sightseeing on the beautifully chaotic streets of Buenos Aires. Our fair Argentine capital has been good to us, and we’ve enjoyed meeting hundreds of Foto Ruta participants from every corner of the earth, including many a Porteño all of whom have enjoyed seeing their very own city in a different light (a testament, we think, to how unique our ‘tour’ is). Now it’s time to pack up our burros and take a trip out of our comfort zone into new territory.

    Foto Ruta lands in Santiago on December the 8th and 9th for a full weekend of Foto Ruta launch events. Bringing our clue based urban exploration concept to the picturesque streets of a selected Santiago Barrio (to be announced).

    Whatever Santiago has in store for us (funny accents, streets with hills, pretty backdrops and seafood) we’re incredibly excited to be bringing Foto Ruta to the city and to see what photographic discoveries and contrasts our participants capture. Join us for the Foto Ruta Santiago launch – Sign up here

    Photography by Foto Ruta partner Cat Allen/EyeSpyCat


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