• Foto Ruta’s London Launch! Here’s how it went…

    Foto Ruta’s London Launch! Here’s how it went…

    A solid run of warm weather, weekend barbecues, and after work beer gardens had me fooled into believing that Saturday’s Foto Ruta London launch event would be met with a glorious summer day. In fact, by 2:45 as my first ever Foto Ruta Londoners were tweaking their camera settings and looking through their clues, it was positively tipping it down.

    Our participants weren’t going to be discouraged though, and each one had set themselves a task to focus on while they walked around East London, keeping an eye out for their clues. Danielle, for example, wanted to play around with under exposure – a great technique to capture atmospheric skies on a rainy day, Claire  wanted to try using the aperture priority to create blurred backgrounds, and Farlon, a portrait photographer who normally takes candid shots, was thinking about adapting her style for the day and speaking to people before taking their photos.

    Soon enough rays of sun broke up the dark clouds in that dramatic London way which shows off its deep red brick, brightly coloured wellies and beautiful greenery, and I was considering replacing the complimentary wine with a summery jug of Pimms… though Laurance (officially the best assistant ever) suggested that might be taking it a bit far.

    Here I am getting with Claire, uploading her photos:

    I was genuinely so impressed by how creative and thoughtful the images my group came back with were and it was inspiring to see and hear about how the clues had been interpreted. The feedback was really collaborative, evoking a lot of discussion about composition of the images, interpretation of the clues, and anecdotes about how they have been created.

    Here are some highlights from the day and some things we talked about as we looked through the photos:

    Clue: City Creatures

    The dog above is a great example of how getting up close can make for a really dramatic image, and sometimes putting something in the middle of the frame can really work.

    The second picture is really well composed, with the woman perfectly positioned in the frame. A really interesting take on the clue, and great use of color.

    Clue: Life on the roof tops? 

    These images by Danielle and Carina are really good examples of how unique we all are in how we see things. The pictures were taken in the same place, and the photographers were working together and inspired by the same clue, but they have a very different feel. One is taken with an iPhone, just proving that camera phones can create really good quality pictures! The canal culture is also a really unique element of London life.

    This image beautifully captures childhood in London I think, an urban setting, but with flowers on the stairs, several layers, and the boy seems to be thoughtful, looking out onto the world. It makes lovely use of light and great positioning of the boy in the middle of the tunnel. We talked about how it fitted in really well with several of the clues: life on the roof tops, lost, pockets of light.

    Clue: Pockets of light 

    All three of these are just stunning and very unique interpretations of the clue!

    Finally here’s a picture of our photographers from the day:

    I’d like to say thanks to everyone who came and made it such a positive and enjoyable text event! I came away feeling like I’d made a new group of friends, been inspired again by photography, and fallen in love with London, which, I feel, is exactly what Foto Ruta is about. I can’t wait for the next event.

    To sign up for the next Foto Ruta London event on 21 June or find out more about our other tours, visit our Foto Ruta webpage, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or send us a direct message via email to hello@foto-ruta.co.uk


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