• Peeps in the Parks of Buenos Aires

    Peeps in the Parks of Buenos Aires

    It’s spring in Buenos Aires! We’ve been saying this for quite some time, but seriously…if we’re writing this on a sunny day so that laptop screens are barely visible while sipping on lemonade, that’s a good sign. The nearly year-round warm climate of the city brings people out of their apartments & sweaters and into the streets, cafes..and most notably Parks, of which the city has many.

    La Bosque de Palermo ( The forest of Palermo – literally translated ) is one park in Buenos Aires, out of about 15km of green space that stretches across the north of the city, skirting the coast, and extending down into the heart of Recoleta. There’s a lot going on in these parks, from sports, to circus jugglers, to family picnics, and sun-bathing. Last week, Foto Ruta took the time to get its team together and snap some quotidien and not so quotidien moments that perhaps only Buenos Aires could offer.

    Performing Arts

    Whether your a fire juggler, a trapeze artist, or a naked ballarina covered in body paint, there’s a place for you in the parks of Buenos Aires. There’s no such thing as indecent exposure here. The best time to come and witness these eccentric impromptu performances is weekdays after 6pm or weekends all day long. There are some regulars and this girl is one of our favorites. ( Image by Foto Ruta’s Emma Hodson )

    Foto Ruta Dancer


    Drinking Mate

    While it’s true that mate is a staple household item, it doesn’t mean it has to stay “in casa” to enjoy it. Instead grab your mate and its fashionable matching mate thermous and soak up some sun while drinking the herb. But don’t forget to get your nails done ( Image by Emma Hodson )

    Foto Ruta Mate


    Get buff & show off your bod.

    For the few of us who haven’t been on the 100% malbec & empenada diet all winter; show off your hot body in la bosque and even pump some iron on the fitness equipment scattered throughout the parks. There’s everything from elliptical machines to pull-up bars. This dude thought it best to just roll up with his own set of dumb-bells and some spandex. Hey, why not?! A little vanity never did anyone any harm. ( Image by Emma Hodson )


    Rollerblading is all the rage

    Just when you thought that you would never hear the end of how lame rollerblading is ( except for the awesome revival wave of Venice Beach rollar-skaters that’s hit So-Cal ) you visited Buenos Aires. That’s right. The 80’s aren’t just making a comeback in fashion, they’ve also migrated into the realm of recreational sports; the 4-wheeled plastic skate included. We our huge fans of this craze and just recently bought a pair of florescent skate laces to make certain ourblades were blazin’ enough to compete with the barbie dolls rollin’ their way around la Bosque. Don’t have any? Don’t worry! You can rent red-colored renditions right in the park! It’s your lucky day. ( Image by Emma Hodson )

    Foto Ruta rollerblader


    Get cozy with your lover

    Like Paris, rolling around in public spaces with the object of your affection is an accepted past-time among Porteños. Whether its your holiday fling, a new flame, your second honeymoon, or what the hell- just some friend you’re feeling frisky with, don’t be afraid to exchange some saliva and grope at each other in the parks of Buenos Aires. While North American joggers may gawk and snarl in your direction, be unfazed by their disapproval. After-all, you’re the one getting laid and enjoying passionate kisses in the sunshine, and they’re just…well….sweating…alone.(Image by Emma Hodson )

    Foto Ruta kissing

    Try a little street meat!

    You think the trip advisor recommended steakhouse was delicious, wait to you try a little choripan or hamburger from a parkside parrilla after cycling around in the sunshine for a few hours. White bread and ground beef never tasted so savory and the best part is, you’ve earned it! (Image by Emma Hodson)

    Foto Ruta meat


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