• Mirrorless Cameras: The new must-have photography gear

    Mirrorless Cameras: The new must-have photography gear

    Photography is one of the most tech-savvy creative disciplines in its field. Between sophisticated lenses, software, flashes, camera brands, accessories, and a constant assortment of new toys on the market, it’s hard to know where to begin if you’re just getting into the craft, nevermind what your creditcard can handle.

    At Foto-Ruta our philosophy remains first & foremost that photographers should use the equipment that inspires them to capture. Period. But we realize the world of photography has become a few degrees more complex than this one simple statement and encouraging our clients to become more creative and better street photographers also involves equipment decisions.

    For this reason, we thought we’d introduce our readers to what you’ll be seeing more and more consumer-hype over in the next 6 months: The Mirrorless D-SLR Camera. ( Read further technical specs here )

    Essentially Mirrorless cameras provide photographers, especially street photographers with major advantages in terms of size and weight: All mirrorless digital SLRs are smaller and lighter than their true DSLR counterparts; Some lenses add very little to the dimensions of the mirrorless DSLR – these are called “pancake” lenses since they don’t stick out from the camera body. With a pancake lens, the camera will fit into a spacious pocket; Regardless of the lens you choose, mirrorless DSLRs are more portable than regular DSLRs and draw less attention to you when you’re taking pictures (a good thing for travel photographers who don’t want people to notice their fancy expensive camera).

    Nikon has just released its Mirrorless DSLR consumer models in the North American market, the J1 & V1 ( as pictured above ) and you can keep your eyes out for professional models by Nikon, Sony, Canon, and especially Leica in the early months of 2012.

    Foto-Ruta mirrorless cameras

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