• Miley Cyrus Strikes a Pose

    Miley Cyrus Strikes a Pose

    Miley, Miley, Miley. That’s all we seem to be hearing about these days! Miley Cyrus is a far cry away from the girl we first saw on Hannah Montana and we’re still trying to decide what we think of her new, um, look? Well, we couldn’t help but notice one of her latest photo shoots. She must be doing something right to land on the cover of the biggest music magazine in the business, Rolling Stone. With her latest antics, we thought we would take a stroll down memory lane and look at some of our favorite photos of Miley.

    Image courtesy of Rolling Stone photographed by Theo Wenner

    O.K this might not be from a fancy fashion spread, but seeing Miley as Destiny Hope Cyrus is quite the treat. Isn’t she cute?

    Miley’s first photo shoot. Maybe a little too much skin for a 10-year-old?

    Photo courtesy of Peggy Sirota via Glamour Magazine

    Photo courtesy of Teen Vogue

    Photo courtesy of Vijat Mohindra

    The is perhaps Miley’s first scandalous photo. When Anne Leibovitz (a.k.a. photo god) decided to shoot demur, little Hannah Montana showing a little bit more skin, her fans were taken by surprise. Leibovitz’ controversial shot might just be the exact image that sent Miley down a long road of many, many more shocking images.

    Photo courtesy of Anne Leibovitz via Vanity Fair

    The entire Marie Claire shoot of Miley back in 2012 is a beauty. Tesh is a master of light and makes even the prettiest starlets look even prettier. Look at those baby blues.

    Photo courtesy of Tesh via Marie Claire

    Photo courtesy of Tesh via Marie Claire

    Photo courtesy of Tesh via Marie Claire

    Photo courtesy of Tesh via Marie Claire

    And then she cut her hair of and the twerking sensation began. Despite her obsession with sticking out her tongue, she’s been doing some incredible couture work… mixed in with whatever this is…

    controversial celebrity images

    Photo courtesy of Terry Richardson

    Photo courtesy of Terry Richardson via Harper Bazaar

    Photo courtesy of Damien Fry via Notion

    Love her or hate her, she’s definitely got a way of making you notice. We’re both excited and a little scared to see what she does next!



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