• Maratón fotográfico por la Ciudad de Buenos Aires!

    Join Foto Ruta for some saavy street tips & creative inspiration before heading out on your photo adventure

    This Saturday, September 22nd, 2012 Foto Ruta is pleased to offer a series of mini-workshops on creative street photography at the 4th annual Photography Marathon (Maratón fotográfico Garrick ) hosted by The Garrick’s Art Gallery in Caballito. 

    Much like our weekly Foto Ruta events showcasing different neighborhoods of the city, the Maratón fotográfico Garrick is a way of rediscovering the city of Buenos Aires in a creative & curious way. Participants ( over 500!) will traverse the city over a period of 12 hours to capture the city on their cameras with a playful guide of ideas in tote.

    The event kicks off with a 1/2 hr workshop & presentation hosted by Foto Ruta ( todo en castellano ) to help participants get inspired and thinking creatively with their cameras. Presentations are at 9:30am & 10:30am respectively.

    All participants at the marathon will be given 15% off all Foto Ruta photography excursions and a free hug.

    Want to Sign up?

    You can register by contacting The Garrick Arts Centre
    Av. Avellaneda 1359, 1405, Caballito, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Phone: 011 35 26 74 39

    All ages & abilities are welcome. You can participate solo or in pairs or groups. No experience necessary!

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