• What’s Inspiring Foto Ruta Lately?

    What’s Inspiring Foto Ruta Lately?

    With so much excitement going on at Foto Ruta – between the warming weather, the upcoming holiday season and loads of exciting projects on the horizon – we thought we’d give you a glimpse into what’s been inspiring us in the midst of this whirlwind of activity. From various corners of the web, may we present our round up of what’s gotten our creative juices flowing lately.

    LORDE – This 16-year-old New Zealander has got talent and swag in spades. Her authentic and honest lyrics accompanied by an ever-so-enticing voice have us hooked. We’ve got her sophomore album Pure Heroine on repeat! And can we just take a moment to appreciate that hair?!?

    new music

    Photo cortesy of Charles Howell

    Spin Magazine, New music

    Photo courtesy of Spin

    Buenos Aires Daily Secret – When The Daily Secret launched in 2010, the original idea was to get the Greeks to fall back in love with Athens by reminding them of all the good things hidden in plain sight. The company has expanded to 25+ cities and is dedicated to “delivering the undiscovered.” Buenos Aires is one of the lucky few to be featured and the gang at Foto Ruta has loved exploring the list of hidden gems they’ve accumulated for our city. (Side note – it’s offered in English AND Spanish)

    The Daily Secret Film Project for Buenos Aires, Argentina in Spanish – March 2013 from Daily Secret on Vimeo.

     YOGA – We’re all about mindfulness (enough to use it as a base for part of our mantra), and yoga is a good way for us to clear our heads, take a breath and stretch those aching muscles. Check out one of our favorite studios in town, Buena Onda. Um, also, Britany’s making a comeback…

    britney spears, yogo

    Photo courtesy of Shape Magazine

    Photo courtesy of Shape Magazine

    ON THE CORNER– If Bill Cunningham took on the streets of Buenos Aires, it would look a lot like On the Corner. This blog documents two of our favorite things, street photography and fashion. The site is a collaboration between photographer Javi Obando and stylist, Flora Grzetic. These images give us a front-row seat to the new, quirky, bizarre and dazzling fashion trends right here in our own city.

    street style, buenos aires

    Photo courtesy of On the Corner

    buenos aires, street style

    Photo courtesy of On the Corner

    street photography, street style, buenos aires

    Photo courtesy of On the Corner

    ATMOSPHERE– It’s hard not to be nocturnal in this city. We’re quite guilty of it ourselves and maybe that’s why we’re so drawn to Luca Orsi’s latest project, Atmosphere. The artist himself described the project as “… trying to represent the empty urban scenes in a nocturnal mood. A mood made of contrast, rarefied lives, bright lights and gloomy shadows, quietness and tension. Everything takes on a mystical charm which is so colorful but also dark, and all seems magical and suspended as if time was frozen.” We couldn’t have described the allure of the night any better ourselves.

    street photography

    Photo courtesy of Luca Orsi

    Photo courtesy of Luca Orsi

    street photography, atmosphere

    Photo courtesy of Luca Orsi

    This is just a small list of things that have caught our attention this week – we could go on and on! What are some things that have been inspiring you lately?


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