• Get Inspired by Photography Essays – Abandoned Detroit

    Get Inspired by Photography Essays – Abandoned Detroit

    As photographers we have the opportunity to capture and share moments in time and bring back to life what has been forgotten. As foreigners in the streets of Buenos Aires, we often capture images that are special and unique to us because we are seeing them through fresh eyes. A “porteño” (Buenos Aires local) may not notice the same beauty we see on our weekly tours until they’re captured by our cameras.

    Foto Ruta is always looking for new and interesting ways to get creative inspiration for our tours through Buenos Aires. One of our favorite ways to do so is by checking out the work of other talented photographers. We recently came across an amazing photography essay by the photographer from Detroit Urban Exploration (Detroiturbex.com).

    basketball game now and then

    A photo from a basketball game, superimposed over the present condition of the Cass Tech gymnasium

    After the recent news that the city of Detroit is filing for bankruptcy, the downfall of the city was at the forefront of our minds. Detroiturbex is a project aims to raise awareness about the social and economic problems that the city faces through photography essays.

    We couldn’t help but think of our own fair city of Buenos Aires and the different creative ways that we can demonstrate change in the city through photography.

    The library, from a picture in an early 90's yearbook.

    A shot of the library, now and then.

    From 1917 to 2005, Cass Tech in Detroit was one of the biggest high schools in the city. In 2005, the main building of the school was shut down and remains abandoned to this day. Detroiturbex shows the decay of the school over the years by superimposing old photographs over his own images of the present day school. The result is a moving and sad look at how something that was once bustling with life can be quickly forgotten.

    First floor of the old auditorium.

    The old auditorium, now and then.

    Like Detroit, the facade of Buenos Aires has changed greatly over time. There is a lot of history in the old architecture and neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. The new mixes in with the old. Photographing these blending worlds can provide beautiful results.

    Second floor hallway.

    A hallway of the Cass Tech school, once bustling with students.

    One of the challenges that photographers face is recreating the emotion they experienced when shooting the original photo. We hope you found some creative inspiration in today’s blog post. We’ll leave you with one lingering question: how can we successfully transmit the excitement and emotion of photographing an unknown city, like Buenos Aires? Share your comments and opinions below!

    Kids pose in a hallway of the cass Tech school

    Kids pose in a hallway of the now abandoned school.


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