• Improve your photography in just 10 minutes Foto Ruta style

    Here at Foto Ruta, we’re all about encouraging people to use photography to see the world differently. Taking a bit of time out from your day to capture something out of the ordinary or to capture something ordinary in an out of the ordinary way.
    So, to get your 2012 off to a creative start take ten minutes out of your day to take part in our little Foto Ruta excercise that will help you improve your photography in less than 10 minutes, using our Foto Ruta creative tips to get your thinking more creatively about your photos.

    STEP 1
    Get your camera. As we say in our Foto Ruta sessions, any camera will do, from an iphone or point and shoot to a top of the range SLR

    taking photos buenos aires
    STEP 2
    Find a spot. Any spot will do. On the floor next to your desk. On your front door step. Where you’re sitting at the moment you’re reading this
    STEP 3
    Now its time to sit in your spot and absorb your surroundings. Sit for 5 minutes. Look around you and during each minute of your five minutes, think about the following:


    Minute 1 – Light : Where is it coming from, what objects is it hitting, where is it brightest
    Minute 2 – Texture: What different textures exist in the space, are the surfaces clean and smooth or rough and bumpy
    Minute 3 – Pattern: Look for patterns and shape repetitions in your space
    Minute 4 – Lines: Where are the lines in the space, where are they pointing, is there line repetition, are the lines soft, hard, thick or thin
    Minute 5: Shape – Think in shapes rather than objects, rectangles, circles. Which areas are busy with shape which offer empty, negative spaces

    STEP 4
    Now you’ve taken time to think about all the components of ‘your space’, think about what you want to photography and how. Think about… What you’re going to shoot
    – From what angle? Above, below, side-on
    – Picture the shot in your mind
    – What setting on your camera will you use

    STEP 5
    Take the shot. One shot.

    STEP 6
    Send us the results…to hola@foto-ruta.com or on our Facebook page.
    Foto Ruta is about taking time to think about the space around you, and how best to capture it. If you end up with a great shot… Great!

    If not, at least you’ve taken 5 minutes out of your day to think about your surroundings. We like to think of it as our own version of meditation… Foto Ruta meditation.

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