• “I Forgot My Phone” – When You’re TOO Connected

    “I Forgot My Phone” – When You’re TOO Connected

    You have probably already seen the viral video “I Forgot My Phone” making its way around the Internet world. If not, you can check out the video embedded below. It’s a short video documenting the day of a woman who has forgotten (or maybe chosen NOT to bring) her iPhone for the day. Throughout the video you see this woman observing her friends, her boyfriend and strangers living every possible moment through the camera on their phone, or completely engrossed by whatever is on their screen. It’s a surprising, but all too familiar scene. Don’t get me wrong, here at Foto Ruta, we LOVE our iPhoneography. We love how the iPhone and other smart phones allow you to capture special moments and amazing photos no matter where you are. But there has to be a moment when you say ‘enough is enough’ and make sure you’re still actually experiencing life and not just capturing it on your phone to later share. What do you think? Have we gone too far? How do we strike the balance between capturing special moments and making sure that we are still experiencing them as well?

    watching a concert through your iphone

    Photo courtesy of bareform

    Photo courtesy of jpandaluz

    What do YOU think? We’d love to hear your thoughts below in the comments section.



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