• Giving the gift of yerba mate

    Giving the gift of yerba mate

    When people visit Buenos Aires yerba mate isn’t necessarily the first souvenir they think of bringing home  for friends & family. Rather a bottle of malbec ( breakable ), leather ( expensive ) alfajores ( make your ass fat ), dulce de leche ( not as good as nutella ) futbol jerseys ( good way to get in a pub brawl if your from England ), and Tango shoes ( make your toe-nails fall off in pain) all tend to be the acceptable and not always cherished standard.


    So, why not consider one of Argentina’s most adorned past-times as a special gift: Yerba Mate. Yes, it looks like marijuana and if you drink enough of it, it will have the exact opposite effect, however its ,small, light, transportable, and comes in all sorts of cute packaging.

    Foto Ruta inspects the evidence using our iPhones at a local Buenos Aires supermercado to show you what you should look for when selecting yerba mate as a gift. ( All images taken with camera + )

    Look for the Argentine flag or a “Producto de Argentina” somewhere on the package

    About 100% of yerba mate brands you’ll find in supermarkets are actual products of the country so this should be easy.



    Look for packaging that is more charming in design….

    than packaging that looks like it might be produced by a drug cartel ( this is especially important if you’re traveling to the USA.)


    This mate looks like it was produced by drug cartel.

    This mate packaging is charming.

    Consider alternative brands with a more experimental design aesthetic.

    If you want to prove to your teenager back home that yerba mate is so much cooler than Fernet, you might want to move away from a traditional design and go disco! ( see below )


    This disco looking mate was actually produced by Coca Cola co!


    If you have a friend and/or daughter named “Amanda” consider buying a yerba mate named after them!

    What could be better in a gift than the ultimate gesture of personalization? And if your name is Amanda, you’re one lucky woman.



    Consider buying a mild mate for first time consumers.

    Yerba mate can take some time to get accustomed to. If the object of your mate receiving affection isn’t used to the rich yet strong flavor, consider going “Suave” or mild to ease them into the addiction.

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