• Foto Ruta’s Friday Favorite: Pain et Vin

    Foto Ruta’s Friday Favorite: Pain et Vin

    Its Friday. Even better, its Friday, its November (our very favorite month of the year) and we’re lucky enough to be in the city of our dreams, Buenos Aires.

    Other than patting ourselves on the back for a long and successful week of work, Friday means its time to plan the weekend ahead; In order of priority our planning goes like this, 1) Where to eat 2) What to eat 3) What wine to choose to accompany what we’re going to eat.

    As from today, Foto Ruta is going to begin sharing with our reader’s some of our favorite discoveries in the city, from restaurants and bars, to galleries and amazing spaces, anything that takes our fancy via a series of mini photo essays.

    interior of restaurant

     Our first Friday outing was to Pain et Vin, in Palermo Soho. After a short time chatting to the owners (an international multi-lingual Argentine and Israeli couple), we quickly realised Pain et Vin would soon become one of our favorite places in the city….

    lassia wine

    …For three reasons: 1) Wine (carefully selected and offering variety, value and quality) 2) Bread (Our favorite.. Sourdough, baked by bread obsessed owner),
    3) Cheese (Great quality Brie, Goats etc).  And we’ll slip in a fourth..Coffee (Which we’re yet to try but we have every confidence it’ll beat the burnt, sugared stuff you find in most of the city’s cafes).

    Glass of wine

    Wine tasting begins

    Line of sourdough

    Check out those rows of Sourdough bread…que rrrico

    Row of wine bottles

    Slices of bread

    Bread and Olive oil to accompany the wine tasting

    Graphic place mats

    restaurant interior


    cheese and wine



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