• FR Recommends: 3 Hot iPhone Camera Apps to Capture the City

    FR Recommends: 3 Hot iPhone Camera Apps to Capture the City

    These days more and more people are foregoing their bulky DSLR cameras and traveling light with nothing but their iPhone in tow. Even professional photographers are recognizing the power of the iPhone camera technology and the convenience of the only camera that you almost always have ready and available. With so many iPhone camera apps on the market, it’s often hard to sift through and figure out what the best ones are. Today Foto Ruta is sharing three of our favorite iPhone camera apps to use when you’re out and about in Buenos Aires.


    This app allows you to add cool text and artwork to any photo on your iPhone. Many of the font options have a cool handwritten script feel to them, and you end up with beautiful images that look like something you’d see on Pinterest or Tumblr. It’s perfect for creating those cool photos you see everywhere now a days, with inspiring quotes and quirky text. And it’s great for your BA travel shots!

    360 Panorama

    Buenos Aires is one of the cities that has so many visual delights to photograph that it’s often hard to fit it all in one shot. This is when having a great panoramic iPhone camera app comes in handy.

    Photo courtesy of soyalexreyes.com

    We recommend 360 Panorama. Click a button to start, spin around until you’ve captured everything you want, then click the button again. 360 Panorama instantly stitches your image together and you are left with a perfect panoramic photo. The app allows you to share either an interactive 360 view, or flat image of your photo.

    Photo courtesy of RubioBuitrago


    Geló is a great app that allows you to reconnect with a process that had been lost to iPhone camera users: gradients and gels. With this app you can add gels, gradients and shapes to your images, blending and customizing them as you see fit.

    Simply choose a color from the carousel of gels, then use the sliders to adjust it until it looks exactly how you’d like.

    You’ll often hear us saying on our iPhoneography tours, “iPhoneography is like street photography on speed.” With amazing apps like the ones we shared today, you can really take your iPhone shots to a whole new level.


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