• Foto Ruta’s Top Tech Picks 01-2013

    Foto Ruta’s Top Tech Picks 01-2013

    Each month, Foto Ruta will be tuning into our nerd side and giving you a small yet potent collection of tech toys to drool over. From new cameras to the latest apps, 2013 has a lot in store for technology at a pace that demands a monthly update! Here’s our top 5 for January!

    Kingston USB Flash Drive – 1TB

    Remember when the word “terabyte” sounded like a newly invented word in the English dictionary that still seemed light-years away? Neither do I. The TB is now mass-produced and available for all you .RAW capturing photographers to plug into the side of your laptop and carry thousands of images on a device the size of your thumb. Makes you wonder how big our brains really need to be. Purchasing details here


    Sony Underwater Headphones

    Headphones you can use in a swimming pool aren’t a new invention as a pro-sumer item, but the consumer world is finally empracing the technology and coming up with increasingly affordable alternatives to help you do the back-stroke to Beyonce. Why is this important you may ask? Well, Foto Ruta thinks being submerged in water is just about the 360 anecdote to sitting in front of a computer screen so we’re all for the activity. It’s all about feeling less gravity people…why not do it to your favorite tunes. Purchasing details here


    Polaroid Android camera with interchangeable lens

    We’ve heard the buzz about android mobile cameras in 2013 (Samsung Galaxy ) but now you can have the “android” on a non-point-and-shoot camera with good glass and a cute design. The Polaroid iM1836. It’s capable of the same photo-sharing and editing tricks you can perform on the Galaxy Camera (or any Android 4.1 smartphone, really). It comes with a 10-30mm zoom lens, but of course you can swap that out for others. Don’t worry, if you don’t want the Polaroid, there are 10 more just like it coming next month. Purchasing details here.


    LaCie Blade Runner External Hard-Drive

    LaCie has teamed up with designer Philippe Starck to launch the limited-edition Blade Runner hard drive. That’s right folks, from the same dude that brought you unicorn heads in Puerto Madero’s uber-chic Faena hotel, he’s also bringing you a way to store your data. Personally, I’d like to see a hybrid of the two…but whatever. In the words of Starck himself:

    “In the Blade Runner, the warm interior electronics are encased in a mystifying shell, and the blades are the radiator that cools it down,” says Philippe Starck of his creation. “The suspension gives space for air to circulate around the hard drive, and the metal material increases the temperature conduction.”  Purchasing details here


    Sony Bluetooth Egg Speakers

    About the size of an apple, the SRS-BTV5 is a tiny speaker that produces big sound. And it comes in pink. If pink is not your style, you can also get it in black or white. I’m holding out for leopard print. Sony calls the sound tech “360-degree Circle Sound,” which is said to give a more diffusive sound field than, say, your typical Jambox. The speaker’s rechargeable battery is rated for five hours of wireless playback. Really, how can you not get one of these…seriously. Purchasing details here



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