• Foto Ruta’s Tips for Storing Your Vacation Photos

    Foto Ruta’s Tips for Storing Your Vacation Photos

    High season in Buenos Aires is just a few short months away and we’re preparing for an amazing spring/summer here at Foto Ruta. Thinking about the influx of tourists to come got us thinking about photo storage and the best way to store your precious vacation photos. A lot of people just buy a giant memory card, load it up with photos and plan to upload them to their computer when they get back home. But that’s definitely not the most secure way to travel with your photos. What if (God forbid!) your camera is lost or stolen? What if your card fills up and you have to delete precious photos to make room? Here is the best way to download and store your vacation photos on the go while traveling the globe.

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    (Photo courtesy of Christian Ostrosky)

    The Cloud 

    What is cloud storage anyway? A lot of people refer to it, but does anyone really get it? Well, for those of you who don’t, we’re here to set you straight. It’s actually pretty useful for photographers, especially for those on vacation.  In the “cloud” your images are stored on servers that can be accessed from most Internet-connected devices (ie. smartphone, computer, tablet, etc.). It’s a very safe way to store photos because the servers are backed up regularly. It’s also a great way to be able to share your photos at a moment’s notice because you only need to have Internet access, you don’t have to have the actual memory card or other physical storage device. Size might be your only issue. You can usually get a free cloud storage account that will hold up to 5gb. If you take normal sized photo files this might be more than enough storage space, but if you’re used to taking big photo files, that 5gb will be used up in no time. You can opt for a paid account which will give you much more storage options and you never have to worry about filling it up.

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    The benefits of having your computer with you on vacation are obvious. You don’t have to wait in line forever to use your hostel/hotel’s computers, you can store all your images right where you want them, there are no time limits and it’s free. But there are some obvious drawbacks as well. Your computer is heavy, delicate and takes up a lot of space. If it were to be lost or stolen, you’d be losing a lot more than your vacation photos. But on the other hand, you can also edit your photos on your personal computer and stay connected to share them as much as you want.

    External Hard Drive

    The external hard drive is a much more compact option to download and store your vacation photos. Here you could run the risk of it being lost or stolen as well, but the risk is probably much less than that of a computer. There are many different sizes options when it comes to storage as well and it will come in hand for storing other important things once your vacation is over.

    (Photo courtesy of Andre Deak)

    Multiple Memory Cards

    Another alternative to buying a large memory card and storing everything on it, is buying a few smaller cards and switching them out when they fill up. Aside from the cloud, which takes up no space at all, this is probably the most efficient when it comes to packing up your suitcase. Just make sure you are careful not to misplace them and that you remember which ones have been used and which ones are empty when you head out for the day.

    Burning CD/DVDs

    Another cheap way to store your photos is to have them burned on to a CD or DVD. If you take small photo files, you can get away with burning them on CDs, which generally store about 700mg. A DVD is your best bet if your files are larger. They can be purchased in 4gb and 8gb. Many Internet cafes will burn CDs and DVDs at a reasonable price.

    (Photo courtesy of Mariano Mantel)

    Vacation photos are memories that can’t be replaced. Nothing is worse than having your camera snatched, lost or broken on your trip. There is no way to go back and relive those memories. That’s why we highly suggest finding a great way to store your photos while traveling that works for you.


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