• Foto Ruta’s Quick Guide to the Rule of Thirds

    Foto Ruta’s Quick Guide to the Rule of Thirds

    If you sat down in any photography school in the world, one of the first basic principles you would learn about would be the “Rule of Thirds.” We love breaking the rules here at Foto Ruta (in photography, that is). But, this basic photography principle is still one of our favorites.

    Buenos Aires Street Photography, Palermo

    This basic technique involves dividing an image into thirds both horizontally and vertically. The division creates nine squares and four intersection points within an image. By placing the main subject at these intersections, photos develop a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing composition.

    Palermo, Buenos Aires, Palermo Antique Store

    Buenos Aires Street Photography

    (Photo courtesy of Francisco Aragão)

    Why does this make a photo more appealing? Well, studies have shown that when people look at a photo, their eyes naturally gravitate towards these intersections. By placing the primary subject of the photo in these areas, it’s easier for the viewer to process the image.

    Santiago Street Photography, Chile

    (Photo courtesy of Alobos Life)

    There are many ways to apply this rule when composing a photo. Another way to apply the Rule of Thirds is by filling up the frame with two-thirds of content and leaving the other third “empty” or vice versa.

    San Telmo Market, Buenos Aires Street Photography

    Buenos Aires Street Photography, Foto Ruta Weekly Tour

    buenos aires street photography, palermo antique market

    Buenos Aires Street Photography

    Rule of Thirds is also a great way to show motion in a photo. Placing the subject off-center exaggerates the direction of motion.

    Buenos Aires Photography, Soccer

    (Photo courtesy of Jimmy Baikovicius)

    Buenos Aires Photography

    (Photo courtesy of Eduardo Amorim)

    Whether you’re in a crowded market in San Telmo or a beautiful park in Palermo, it’s easy to apply this technique. We’ve found that it’s become second nature to use the Rule of Thirds here at Foto Ruta. With the beautiful spring weather arriving in the city, we’d highly recommend grabbing your camera and trying it out!


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