• El Galpon Organic Market Buenos Aires

    El Galpon Organic Market Buenos Aires

    Buenos Aires may not be known for its innovative environmental technologies ( or any technologies at all…) solar-wind power, or hemp-seed muffins [ insert yuppie food joke here – there are so many of you ] but it does sneak up on us in surprisingly green ( okay, maybe greenish-brown ) ways with it’s recycling infrastructure run by Carteneros and Foto Ruta’s latest find: El Galpon Organic Market in Chacaritas. ( Browse our images below )

    Under this tin-roofed, kitchly decorated wonder you can try everything from an organic choripan ( bet you didn’t think you’d ever see those two words in the same sentence ) fresh yogurt, medicinal herbs, freshly picked produce ( grown on a garden plotted over old railroad tracks..err) some of the best homemade bread in the city, honey, sulphite free malbec, and more.

    It’s somewhat like visiting a hippie town in Patagonia where flip flops, foreigners, and possibly a few dreadlocks can be spotted. A relaxed vibe at seemingly the edge of the city well-worth checking out.

    Hours: Wednesdays  from 9hr – 13hr & Saturdays from 10-18hr

    El Galpon
    Mercado Orgánico
    Av Federico Lacroze 4171
    Buenos Aires


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