• Foto Ruta’s guide to making New Year’s resolutions you can keep

    Foto Ruta’s guide to making New Year’s resolutions you can keep

    Though we’re in full respect of all those “anti-resolution” people when it comes to turning the page on a new calendar year, please hear us out! There is a lot of good that can come of looking at your life (not just through a camera lens) and picking out a few things you’d like to change or better for yourself in 2013. Afterall, your life only has one exposure! Here’s Foto Ruta’s tips on how to do it and stick to it!


    1. Think about last year (so 2012!)

    Reflect on what happened in your life over the past year from relationships to accomplishments to high-points and low-points and pick a few things you want to change. These can be anything from habits you’d like to break to opportunities you’d like give yourself in the coming year.


    2. Write it all down (even the shit you don’t want others to see)

    She never knew how much she wanted to do back-bends in stilettos until she put it on her list of 2013 resolutions!

    Writing down your goals is incredibly powerful and the foundation for actualizing resolutions. You have to SEE them in front of you just like a picture. Write it all down to begin with then begin to prioritize. You don’t have to change everything in 2013 but maybe just 5 things or even 1. The key to focusing in on these things is to first write down everything you want for 2013 and then crossing off some of the things that aren’t as important. You’re list in the end shouldn’t be a daunting to-do list but a simplified list of the most important goals in the coming year.


    3.Don’t try to do it all in January – Use a timeline!

    Don’t start a vigorous exercise regime when the weather is bad! Wait till spring. Be realistic.

    Statistics have proven that lasting change takes time and trying to make too many changes in your life all at once will lead to feel overwhelmed and ultimately giving up on your goals. Look at your list realistically and decide what you want to start with. Losing 20 pounds, buying a $8000 camera and meeting the love of your love all in January ( wow! that sounds nice) isn’t very realistic. Try and spread out your goals throughout the year.


    4. Break down big goals into small steps – baby steps.

    She wanted to learn to fly but the first step was getting out of bed…

    Once you’ve defined what you want to change or achieve over the coming year, dissect each thing on your list. How much money are you going to save per week, where are you going to put it, what rewards will you give yourself, how will you measure your success. The more detailed you can be about your goal, the more likely you’ll achieve it.


    5. Tell your amigas & amigos to gain support.

    His amigos always had his back.

    Creating a community around the changes we’d like to make in our lives can be incredibly motivating. This is especially true if we want to break or form habits. If no one knows you’d like to quit smoking they’re likely going to continue offering you cigarettes. Let your friends be your coaches and tell them about the things you’d like to change. No one is alone in wanting to improve their life, everyone can relate even if their list is different than yours.


    6. Be resilient. If you fall down, get back up!

    It took Albert 5 full-months and a lot of falling down before perfecting the art of the “air bicycle”

    If you’ve read any books on people that have had a lot of success in their lives its not due to a lack of failure. Its how they react to failures and pick themselves back up. Life is far from perfect. Life in Buenos Aires is very very far from perfect. For this reason if and when you fall down, don’t surrender or give up on your goal. Get back up! Resilience will enable you to stick with the mentality of success even when you have interim failures or go through difficult times. Its important to look at the bigger picture, be gentle with yourself, and ultimately keep going. Remember, the light-bulb wasn’t invented in just one try and dulce de leche was a happy mistake. A lot can come from perseverance through adversity.

    Happy New Year everyone!



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