• Foto Ruta’s Guide to Buenos Aires Food Markets

    Foto Ruta’s Guide to Buenos Aires Food Markets

    Buenos Aires has become one of the gastronomic epicentres of Latin America, and not only because of its bloody great beef.  In the later years, the auteur cuisine and organic scene have flourished and many markets have opened, offering a great variety of products and culinary events. Others, more traditional, still remain and are go-to places for lovely old ladies with colourful shopping bags and foodies alike. Below, here is Foto Ruta’s guide to Buenos Aires Food Markets, good for shopping, eating and shooting pretty pictures.


    Mercado del Progreso in Caballito

    Mercado del Progreso in Caballito- Photo by Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires

    Mercado del Progreso in the Caballito neighbourhood is a well known historic food market that is over one hundred years old and is probably the largest of the city. Currently, it preserves its original architecture and has a wide variety of meat cuts, seafood, fruits, vegetables and more.

    Feria Modelo de Belgrano in the Belgrano neighbourhood is also well known for its top quality products and has a wide variety of gourmet cheeses and cold cuts at stands like Valenti and Hans. Every two weeks, the organic food market Sabe La Tierra offers products at this location as well.


    Colourful Carrots

    Photo by Rob Bertholf


    Sabe La Tierra has become probably the most popular organic food fair in Buenos Aires, and is currently operating in its original venue in San Fernando, in Vicente Lopez, and Pilar, all on the outskirts of the city, and in Belgrano once every two weeks. The great thing about this market is not only that you can buy organic products but also that they have activities and live bands as well as fresh juices and vegan and raw food alternatives. The markets only open on weekends.

    El Galpón de Chacarita is another organic and veggie option closer to the Palermo area. It’s smaller than other food markets but is a nice place to stop by for a quick and healthy bit on a sunny Wednesday or Saturday, which are the two days it opens.


    Food Truck

    Photo by Federico Eduardo Ratier

    Buenos Aires Market is a monthly food fair that is well worth visiting as it offers organic and gourmet products that range from miniature vegetables to special teas and spices. The main attraction however is the outdoor seating area with food stands, such as the Paraje Arevalo truck, that offer delicious portions of food. The market rotates although it is frequently set up in the Palermo horse racetracks where you can catch one of the weekend races while you same something sweet and savoury in the tribunes.

    Feria Masticar is the biggest food market in Buenos Aires and usually takes place once a year at the beginning of Autumn. The cities best chefs get together at this annual foodie event and offer different samples of their amazing cuisine while they aim to educate people on the benefits of eating seasonal produce and training there palates, amongst other things. Different food products, wines and more are also available to purchase and take home.


    Red Chili Peppers

    Photo by Carsten ten Brink

    Although not really a food market, the China Town area in Belgrano is a haven for those who to find exotic looking food, fresh fish, mushrooms and smoked tofu at a tofu specialty shop.

    Way of the beaten path in Liniers is the Peruvian/Bolivian market which has an incredible variety of peppers, colourful potatoes and other Andean delicacies. If you are looking for a bit of adventure and alternative colour, then plan your outing well in terms of transport and make sure to have your camera ready!





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