• Foto Ruta’s Favorite Subjects

    We love sharing our Foto Ruta participants’ work, and we are constantly pleasantly surprised by what and whom they choose to take pictures of. Regardless of one’s photographic technique or eye, everyone manages to convey their own understanding and perspective of Buenos Aires with their photographs.

    Sure to never let us down are the photographs of porteños. There are a lot of colorful characters walking the streets of Buenos Aires, and a few always manage to make their way into our albums every week. Photographing people is not easy — you wonder whether you need to ask permission, and of course, models aren’t always cooperative. And when we say models, we don’t mean the kind you see walking down the catwalk, we mean normal people, and for some reason, many of the people that end up photographed are more, well, mature.

    Here are some of our favorite pictures of older porteños from Foto Ruta.

    Clue: Dulce de Defensa

    These guys were more than willing to pose and show off their tan.

    Nothing cuter than an old couple walking arm-in-arm.

    A great moment captured, and you have to wonder what these guys were talking about!

    Clue: Cultural Clashes

    Even when they’re just leaving the house to tan, the porteña ladies make sure they have their face on.

    No matter how old you are, you never forget how to flash a playful smile to a stranger on the street.

    Clue: I Want to Take You Home

    The park tends to provide us with some of the best pictures of people, and in this case, best friends chilling on a bench, shirts unecessary.

    Nothing says Buenos Aires summer better than a mate on the front steps.

    While we love these photos, we love those who are young and curious at heart more. Age ain’t nothin’ but a number here at Foto Ruta, and we invite you to check it out.

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