• Foto Ruta’s Favorite New Camera Features on the iPhone 5s

    Foto Ruta’s Favorite New Camera Features on the iPhone 5s

    In contrast to Foto Ruta’s blog about putting your phone down, we’re dying to pick up the new iPhone 5s. Apple has continually been at the forefront of mobile technology. The release of both the iPhone 5s, the upgraded iPhone 5 and a new operating system have sent waves through creative and geeky fields alike.

    The release of the first iPhone in 2007 changed the mobile photography scene. The Apple commercial below showcases just how much this device has changed the way we interact with the world around us.

    iPhones have been a huge part of our lives at Foto Ruta and we were excited to see what the company had in store for their latest updated version. It’s no surprise that we’re most excited about the upgrades to the iPhone camera. And thankfully, there are a lot of changes! Here are a few of our favorites.

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    BIGGER PIXELS – First off, Apple decided to remain at an 8MP camera but has fine-tuned the pixels by increasing their quality (from 1.4 to 1.5 microns). No need to understand the technology, what it means is that the quality of the photos will be sharper, crisper and less grainy. Apple teamed up with Burberry to show-off the new camera’s quality in this video shot entirely on the iPhone 5s.

    iPhone photography

    Photo courtesy of PetalPixel

    SENSOR IMPROVEMENTS – The new iPhone will also be better at handling low-light situations. Apple has increased the size of it’s light sensor by 15% and has improved the aperture by 1/4 stop. Yes, that’s correct. A mobile phone with an aperture of f2.2! If you need a quick refresher of why we’re so excited about this, check out our Quick Guide to Aperture.

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    TRUE TONE FLASH – This feature gives photographers the control to adjust the flash in order to get a more balanced tone when taking photos in dark or indoor settings. These types of changes are allowing the iPhone to act more and more like a manual camera giving the user flexibility and control when creating images.

    true tone flash

    AUTO IMAGE STABILIZER – Apple decided to tackle this one from both ends focusing on steading the hand of the iPhonographer and the subject matter. To do this, they improved the lens stabilization and added a burst mode that takes multiple images of a subject at once. The phone takes the best bits of each picture based on exposure and sharpness to composite together a final image.

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    SLOW-MO – With the popularity of apps like Vine and new video features on Instagram and Twitter, it’s not surprising that the iPhone 5s is including a new video feature. Slow-Mo will capture 120 images per a second and allows you to slow-down the footage and edit a section. It’s another testament to the light sensitivity and speed of this device.

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    The iPhone 5s is currently on pre-order and expected to ship out in October stateside. We’ll be waiting patiently here in Buenos Aires until we can get our hands on one. We can’t wait to incorporate the new features in our iPhonography tours!


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