• Foto Ruta’s Black Friday Gift Guide 2012

    Foto Ruta’s Black Friday Gift Guide 2012

    Tomorrow’s the day many of you online shoppers have been waiting for: Black Friday ( aka exercise your credit card and splurge on all the pre-holiday must-haves that Saint-Nicolas won’t get to you and your loved ones in a month from now.) Here’s Foto Ruta’s Top Picks for Black Friday photo fun…and where to buy them.

    1. Underwater iPhone Case

    Trying to figure out why you’ve broken 2.5 iPhones in the rain, by dropping it in the toilet, or pretending that taking it in the pool with your kid was a good idea? Wonder no longer. Get the underwater iPhone case and be a fish! Retails for $60USD and you can buy it HERE!

    2. Lens Baby Spark!

    Get the coolest most affordable add-on for your D-SLR and try your hand at tilt-shift photography! ( That means you can make everything dizzy, miniature, and sort of “Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas” …without the pharmaceuticals that is. Retails for $80USD and you can buy it HERE

    3. Smart phone Lens Kit (3 in 1)

    If you have an iPhone or iPod, you’ve almost no excuse not to have this lens kit. Foto Ruta bought a few sets a while back and other than our subte passes, there is no other item that fits in our wallets we can bare leaving the house without. The lens kit comes with a fish-eye, a macro, and a telephoto magnetized lens that attaches to the camera on your i-device. Get them, they’re more fun than eating Chori-pan in the dark. Buy all three for $50USD and purchase them HERE

    4. The iphone Shutter Grip

    If you’re used to taking images with a larger digital camera or a D-SLR and then get into iphoneography. Don’t worry – we feel your pain. We all know that deep down size matters and without the weight of a big lens and that hefty shutter click you might be feeling left…unsatisfied. Not to worry, the iPhone shutter grip will give you the feeling of a true photographer’s shutter-release in the palm of your hand. If you’re going to be shooting with your iPhone a lot, we’d highly recommend it! It retails for $40USD and you can buy it HERE

    5. The Flash Filter kit

    Using an external flash can be challenging but why not make it more FUN with a rainbow of colored flash filters that will make your flash photos a whole lot more creative! I like the red one but don’t be limited, you get the whole rainbow. Retails for $30USD and you can buy the kit HERE




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