• Foto Ruta Project 1: A view from a room

    Foto Ruta Project 1: A view from a room

    Foto Ruta Buenos Aires is all about using photography to see things from a different perspective. Familiar or unfamiliar surroundings seen from different viewpoints.

    One of my favourite viewpoints is my bedroom balcony. It’s in no way spectacular, a standard San Telmo block view but i love the fact that it points north, letting in sunshine throughout the day. And i love the cast iron railing, and being able to watch what’s going on on the block from above.

    Over the last year, sightings include…   car accidents (multiple), police storming the casa tomada over the road (1), waterballoon fight (1), girl calling the police after being caught in a waterballoon fight (1), dog being run over (1). Ok, so i’m not painting a very happy picture of my block. But at least it’s interesting.

    Anyway, our first ever Foto Ruta photo project is about views from your window. So we want you to send in your pictures of the view from your bedroom/living room/balcony to hola@foto-ruta.com or post on our facebook page and we’ll include them in this blog….

    San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina – Becky Hayes

    A view from a room submissions below…….

    Borth y Gest, North Wales, UK – by Sioned Bannister (View from living room window)


    Maddie Duxbury, Puesto Viejo, Argentina (View from office window)



    Fleur Andrews, Bridger Conway, Buenos Aires, Argentina (View from office window)


    Jocelyn Mandryk, Havana, Cuba (View from building)

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