• Foto Ruta has Launched Photography Tours in Barcelona!

    Foto Ruta has Launched Photography Tours in Barcelona!

    We are thrilled to announce that on 4 July we launched our photography tours in Barcelona, Spain. Foto Ruta Barcelona is an exciting venture for us, perhaps because we like to think of Buenos Aires as a sort of a distant cousin city to beautiful Barcelona.

    We chose the El Born neighborhood, located in the Ciutat Vella area of the city, for our first Barcelona Foto Ruta Clue because of its ideal mix of past and present. To get the feel of El Born, try to imagine a medieval Soho district… you get the idea. It was a wonderful location to explore on a sunny and warm afternoon. Talented photographers and newcomers alike, we had a lovely Foto Ruta launch in Barcelona on the first Friday of July.

    For this special occasion, we had our very own Foto Ruta founders and partners present, Joss Mandryk and Becky Hayes: while Joss gave the workshop, Becky attended as a photographer/participant and went out to take some pictures for her first Barcelona Foto Ruta Clue.

    We met at En Aparté, a small and cozy French wine bar with large windows and a view onto the Sant Pere Square. Let’s have a look at some of clues brought to life through the eyes of our attendees:


    This was an interesting clue to interpret as participants tried to find a way of having two worlds collide on the same picture. This one caught our attention because of the way lines play with shadows and light and the character in the dark while the graffitied door is lit with sunlight.


    If you look close enough, you can see that Barcelona is a city with a special blend of what’s coming in the future and of the past that has been. This photo is rich in details and patterns, and it is catchy (like Barcelona!).


    Bright days is what Barcelona is all about. Brilliant lights, contrast, and blue skies. We love the way the sun is coming from behind this old building, barely reflecting on the post due to the photographer’s decision on how to angle the picture.


    Barcelona is full of beautiful princesses, there is no denying that. But to look at this photo and fix your attention through the glass door of a washing machine is something quite unexpected.


    #Picoftheday gives each participant the opportunity to share their favorite photo that they took that day that didn’t quite fit into any of the of the other clues. We loved this shot in particular because it is so vibrant in colors and in life.

    We want to send out a big thank to all of our participants, it was a lovely afternoon indeed and our participants and their creative minds is what makes Foto Ruta a truly special thing.

    If you’re interested in having the Foto Ruta Barcelona experience, visit Foto Ruta Barcelona and be sure to sign up for a great way to discover the city. You can also follow our activity on Facebook and see the full album from the launch.



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