• Foto Ruta loves Lady Gaga

    Foto Ruta loves Lady Gaga

    Lady Gaga is performing in Buenos Aires this weekend and Foto Ruta has a bit of a girl-crush on her. Not since seeing Kylie Minogue in 2001 have I been just this excited for a celebrity sighting “a la pop-star”.

    So, what’s to go all “Ga Ga” about  you’d all ask? Well, apart from the legendary lyrics to Poker Face (“Russian Roulette is not the same without a gun and when you call it love if its not rough it isn’t fun”) Lady Gaga is quite possibly the queen of the creative portrait. Here’s why:




    Lady GAGA Foto Ruta

    Image by Annie Leibowitz

    Creative Portraits ( clothes optional ) are all about exaggeration. Your subject may believe that their back is arched but unless its arched to the degree of GaGa it’s not going to show on camera. This is what GaGa does the best. Everything she does, she does to 200% and the camera eats it up. Ask your subjects to behave like Gaga chances are you’re going to get some good shots.


    Dramatic Costume (you can hardly call it wardrobe)

    If you want your subject’s personality to show on camera then make them wear something a bit more dramatic. Although not everyone was a fan of Lady Gaga’s meat dress, most of her wardrobe choices photograph extremely well with their bold lines, eccentric materials, and dramatic colors. Creative portraits work hand-in-hand with creative fashion and Miss Gaga gives it to us everytime.


    Be Uninhibited

    If you want to capture something a little provocative you – the photographer – are going to have to get a little provocative yourself. Athough I haven’t spoken to Annie ( Leibowitz that is ) since she took this picture I’m pretty certain that some music and a glass of wine were involved pre-shoot to loosen things up. I’m not saying you have to go Gaga yourself but you need to find your inner Gaga to get it out of someone else and onto your camera. Loosen up. It’s Friday. Lady Gaga is in Buenos Aires!


    Use Unlikely Locations

    So, you’ve got your subject all Gaga’ed up with costume and attitude, but where to shoot you may ask yourself?! Foto Ruta will tell you where! Take it to the street. We say basta to white backdrops and traditional studios. Take your subject to a place you would never find them looking like they do. Annie did a fantastic job in the above images of using unlikely locations where Lady G would never actually be found spending her time and the tension between high fashion and hotdogs really works.


    Frame the face

    Do you wonder why fascinators are all the rage? Why what you put on your feet is as important as what you put on your head? Lady Gaga knows why. Hats and accessories such as bold jewlery, earrings, high-collars, and hair pieces frame your subjects face. Creative portraiture isn’t just about eyes, skin, and profile. Bring these features to life the way Gaga does and decorate from the shoulders up.


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