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    Photo Contests

    Foto Ruta Buenos Aires promotes photography learning at our photo events through practice, creativity, and collaboration…and then practice again. If fact if we could encourage our clients to sleep with their cameras we would ( is that subliminal enough?) We rarely promote competition between our participants but we’re constantly asked at our weekely events,

    So, what do I get if I win?

    Well, you won’t find any dueling at Foto Ruta nor our Academia workshops but there are lots of ways to take advantage of competition by using online photo platforms, including our Foto Ruta 30/30 Foto Challenge we just announced last week. Photo contests can be both a challenge for you as a photographer as well as provide you with exposure for your skills and creativity. Here are a few we’d recommend.

    Photo Friday

    Ease your toes into the water by submitting to Photo Friday. Every week Photo Friday puts out a call for photographs that relate to the theme of the week (e.g. red, candid, fancy). You send them a link to your submission and watch as hundreds of people have a look-see at your image. Visitors to the site help pick each week’s noteworthy shots.

    Image Entry from Photo Friday’s weekly contest. Theme: Pristine


    Hey, Hot Shot!

    Each season Jen Bekman, one of the foxiest NYC galleries, puts out a call for emerging photographers. Lucky for you they are now accepting submissions for their Spring competition. This contest is a super way to get the attention of not only Jen Bekman, but a panel of super judges like Caterina Fake, the co-founder of Flickr!

    Winner of Hey Hot Shot by Philip Jung. ” Sleeping mask”


    PDN: World in Focus 

    PDN is a comprehensive resource for everything related to the photo industry. They also feature a Contests section, which lists several top contests and grants for amateurs, students, and professionals.

    PDN’s The world in Focus has some of the most impressive images entered in their contests that you can find online.


    National Geographic: Your Shot

    If you don’t know National Geographic you’ve been hiding under a rock…no wait, make that a deep, dark, cave. If you do a lot of travel photography this is a great contest to enter and the opportunity of publication online is great exposure for your images. What makes this contest even more wonderful is that the editors will take the time to explain their selections.

    Chosen image by Chris Wong. Taken in Ecuador


    JPG Magazine

    JPG accepts online submissions and prints them in their quarterly magazine. The passionate husband and wife team behind JPG feature the work of “in between” photographers–not quite amateurs and not quite pros. Like Photo Friday, each issue is themed and ties in nicely if you’ve done a Foto Ruta. You’ll already be thinking in terms of clues so here’s the next step!

    Photo Theme: Kitchen Helpers.


    30/30 Foto Ruta Challenge

    Take 30 photos for 30 days based on our clues listed on our blog and flickr group and enter to win the chance for you and a friend to participate in a free full day of Foto Ruta Academia workshop . The clues range from quirky to metaphorical and test your creativity to the max. This contest is free, you just have to join Foto Ruta’s Flickr group online and upload your submissions by March 31st, 2012. We’ll be announcing the winner the first week in april and their work will be displayed at our year-end exhibition in Buenos Aires!

    ” The music made me do it” Entry for Foto Ruta 30/30 challenge.


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