• Eating out in Buenos Aires on a Monday – Our Restaurant Survival Guide

    Eating out in Buenos Aires on a Monday – Our Restaurant Survival Guide

    Buenos Aires is an active city that truly never sleeps, from clubs that are open until the early hours the next morning, to people of all ages meeting for dinner and drinks starting at absolutely no earlier than 10pm. But Mondays? Mondays are generally a dead zone for our fair city. After hours of party until the sun comes up over the weekends, Buenos Aires allows us one day off: Monday. But what about those of us who want to find a restaurant open on a Monday in Buenos Aires? There is always a birthday, anniversary, despedida, or some other event that calls for a night out. So what are the hot spots to eat on a Monday in Buenos Aires? Here’s our top 5.

    Hernán Gipponi Restaurant “One Table” at the Fierro Hotel

    If you want a truly special Monday dinner experience, we can’t recommend famed chef Hernán Gipponi’s One Table enough. His restaurant in the Fierro Hotel offers breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner service all days of the week, but on Monday nights they offer a different, special experience. One Table is an intimate, 14 person dinner with a different menu each week, each course paired with specially selected wines. Make your reservation in advance as spaces could fill up quick.

    Palermo Hollywood, Soler 5862

    Astor: Manduque Porteño

    New on the restaurant scene, Astor just opened in 2013 and has already received a warm welcome from the foodies of Buenos Aires. They offer delicious Argentine cuisine with a twist, using local and seasonal ingredients. One has the option to order a 3 course tasting menu, the 5 course tasting menu, or go big and have the tasting of the entire menu. At the moment they are only open Monday-Friday, so this is the perfect spot to go when you’re stumped for Monday night dinner plans.

    Belgrano, Ciudad de la Paz 353 www.astrobistro.com

     Grappa Cantina

    Grappa Cantina, an Italian restaurant located on a picturesque corner of Palermo Hollywood, is not only open on Mondays until 2:00am, but it was written up by The Real Argentina as having one of the 5 five steaks in the city. They recommend the 300g bife de chorizo with mustard sauce, but the pizza is excellent as well.

    Palermo Hollywood, El Salvador 5802, Grappa Cantina Facebook

    Señor Telmo

    If you’ve been missing thin crust pizza cooked on the parrilla, Sr. Telmo in San Telmo is your spot. It’s tough to find a good restaurant open on this side of the city on a Monday, so we’re lucky to have Sr. Telmo as an option. Each table is brought a delicious thin crust garlic bread with their order and they have a variety of artisanal beers to choose from. Try the Pizza Hot for a yummy and slightly spicy treat.

    San Telmo, Defensa 756, Website 

    Burger Joint

    Photo courtesy of Pick Up the Fork

    If you’re craving a more casual meal or a big juicy burger, Burger Joint in Palermo is your best bet any night of the week, but luckily for us, they’re open on Mondays until 12am. Even though Argentina is known for its red meat, a great hamburger isn’t something you come across often. This place is a burger lovers dream come true.

    Palermo, Borges 1766, Burger Joint



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