• Calorific Chile | Our Favorite Local Dishes

    Calorific Chile | Our Favorite Local Dishes

    At Foto Ruta Santiago, we love Chile, no, as in we really really LOVE Chile. There is so much to see, to do, to drink and to eat. From the deserts in the north to the glaciers in the south, and all that’s in between, it really feels like we have everything we need, and lots of subjects to put in front of our camera lenses.

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    Wondering the cities of Santiago and Valparaiso on our variety of Foto Ruta tours takes us through lots of neighbourhoods, and invariably we get rather peckish. Now obviously we are fans of Chile, as you have read, however, recently when some Foto Ruta clients said that they had chosen to come to Chile because of the food, it was a bit of a surprise. Not the normal answer. Compared to the incredible Argentinian steak or the delicious flavours of Peru, Chile is kind of like the fat kid being chosen last for the football team.
    South American Eats

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    To be honest, living especially in Santiago you can find any cuisine from Mexican to American pancakes, but with the traditional Chilean dishes, talking of fat kids, expect calories and lots of them, pile on some white bread, some more carbs and a whole load of salt and you have typical Chilean cuisine… however, as calorific as it is, here are some of our favourites!!


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    SOPAIPILLAS – Found on the street, for about $100CLP ($0.20USD) pile on the sauces and this fried Chilean pumpkin (“zapallo”) snack is quite the treat.
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    CHORILLANA – A huge pile of fries covered in meat, onions, and a couple of fried eggs. Done.
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    CHUPE DE MARISCO – With a huge coastline, Chile has a huge variety of delicious seafood based delights, from friend fish to this fish and cheese baked dish, you are in for a filling meal!
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    Photo courtesy of James via Flickr

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    Photo courtesy of Cristian Labarca via Flickr

    COMPLETOS – The Chilean take on the American hotdog. Add a ridiculous amount of mayo and ketchup, and if you are an avocado fan, ask for an Italiano- just mind the sauce drips!
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    Photo courtesy of James via Flickr

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    Photo courtesy of Owl Pacino via Flickr

    EMPANADA – Found throughout South America, and each country having their own take, the classic here is “pino”, meat with onions, an egg, and an olive. Delicious, just like being in South West England again!
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    I don’t know about you, but this has made us quite hungry! Good news, Foto Ruta has begun to offer a tour based around food AND photography in Buenos Aires. It’s called Foto Ruta Comida Ruta. Contact us for more information!


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