• Buenos Aires’s (not so) Underground Food Market

    Buenos Aires’s (not so) Underground Food Market


    A collage of flavors captured with Camera + iphone app.

    It can’t go without saying that as a foreigner or visitor exploring the city of Buenos Aires, food and gastronomy is a big part of your existance. At Foto Ruta, its not coincidental that a solid quantity of our participants’ photos are all about food. As they should be! I mean, come on,’ who doesn’t like a macro shot of churros dipped in dulce de leche ?!

    In Buenos Aires we shop a lot like Europeans. Few portenos rock up to “Gigantic Mart”  North-Americano style and fill one obnoxious cart with everything they need from watermelon to socks and load up the SUV with rations for the next month. (Really, should orange juice really last that long if its Florida fresh?) Instead, taking time daily to visit your favorite panaderias ( bakeries ), carnicerias ( butchers ), queserias ( cheese shops ), vineros (wine shops ), fiambreria (deli) and pescaderias ( fish shops ), verdurlarias (vegetable & fruit stands ) is just part getting what you need on an almost daily basis.

    Just as common are weekend markets, (indoor & outdoor) where farmers & food venders set up in designated plazas or parks throughout the city and locals flock to get the most speciality products for the best price. Fresh is the name of this game.

    Recently some of Buenos Aires’s favorite artisanal foodies, chefs, beer-makers, spice mixers, catering services, and cheese lovers got together with The Argentine Independent to present an afternoon of fine flavors and friends in a wonderfully abandoned 3-story factory in Almagro.

    The BA Underground Food Market offered delicious bites of gourmet products and nibbles to keep your mouth watering. Wash it down with some artisanal beer and you’ve got the ultimate saturday afternoon picada.

    The next event of the same kind is in December, so if you’re visiting the city of Buenos Aires, bring your appetite, your camera, and a bit of curiosity and enjoy some unique flavors.

    Here’s a quick list of some of the food artisans you should keep on the radar while visiting the city with an appetite!

    NOLAChef Liza Puglia
    Pickle de Nuñez
    Las Cabrillas Goat Cheese from Santiago del Estero

    Top It Frozen Yogurt
    El Tejano’s
    Tres Leches cake
    Mi Granola
    Buenos Aires Bread Co
    Il Mirtilo’s
    Tres Leches cake  



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