• Best cafes in Buenos Aires: where to rest during a day of street photography

    Best cafes in Buenos Aires: where to rest during a day of street photography

    Feeling like charging your inner batteries but want to go somewhere else than the next Starbucks, Havanna or Bonafide? Here are 8 of the best cafes in Buenos Aires to have coffee: relax and get inspired during a day of street photography!


    La Poesía

    In the middle of photogenic San Telmo La Poesía is located. The perfect place to adapt to Buenos Aires coffee culture: order the locals’ favourite medialunas. Or choose something else from the most extensive menu you’ve seen so far.

    An oldie compared to the others and this is exactly what makes it a special one! Founded in 1982 this café has been home to intellectuals, artists and a famous love couple. You still feel this particular vibe: notice the dark wooden interior, old photos and the wall with notes (mostly poems) written by guests. You actually can’t go there without reading the history on their website first.

    San Telmo: Chile 502

    La Poesia Buenos Aires

    Photo credit: Bajo el Alma Sommelier


    Coffee Town

    Mercado San Telmo not only offers scenes for photography, it also offers Coffee Town. Their baristas, toasters and tasters know how to select and prepare good coffee: it’s part of the Centro de Estudios de Café. This means the (fair trade) beans come from all over the world: From Bolivia to India, Java, Kenya and Yemen! And then we haven’t even mentioned yet the different types of beans and techniques of actually preparing the coffee.

    They say, “We are the epicentre of the best coffee in the world all in one place”.  And yes, we can simply agree on that. Make sure you check it out! Besides, the market it just a perfect spot to check out both tourists and locals.

    San Telmo: Bolivar 976

    Coffee Town Buenos Aires

    Photo credit: Coffee Town


    Barrio Cafetero

    Even if Microcentro would be flooded with nice café’s that served a decent cup of coffee (it isn’t), Barrio Cafetero would be one-of-a-kind! Take a bar stool and enjoy the rock music. Find yourself a magazine (our favourite is Time Out Buenos Aires) or have a chat with one of the attentive barista boys. The place is small but luckily there are two branches not too far from each other.

    Both are unfortunately closed on Sundays. Only Florida is opened on Saturdays: find your way through the “Cambio, cambio” rain and sneak into the Thompson building.

    Microcentro: Florida 833, Reconquista 513

    Barrio Cafetero Cafes Buenos Aires

    Photo credit: Barrio Cafetero


    Libros del Pasaje

    If you really want to have a quiet moment, try the inspirational place Libros del Pasaje. You can browse around their (photography) books for hours or immediately install yourself in the back of this bookstore: in the patio or on one of the comfortable couches.

    Order a lágrima, which is the reverse of a café latte: a lot of hot milk with a small shot of coffee. And if you’re hungry, that’s also no problem. They serve fantastic and affordable salads and sandwiches. Be warned though: it’s very likely to forget about the time and hang around all day. Or, well, why not… because it’s definitely an oasis in ever busy Buenos Aires!

    Palermo Soho: Thames 1762

    Libros del Pasaje Buenos Aires

    Photo credit: Libros del Pasaje


    Full City Coffee House

    Really close to before mentioned you’ll find Full City Coffee House. It can be busy (it attracts a lot of remote workers – which means you can also charge your cameras battery if running low) but if the temperature allows you can enjoy your coffee outside as well. The sun reaches the terrace almost all afternoon!

    Want to learn a bit of their barista skills? They offer monthly classes for tasting and preparing your favourite cup of coffee. We’d love to try since, as they say: “La vida es muy corta para tomar mal café”.

    Palermo Soho: Thames 1535

    Full City Coffee House Buenos Aires

    Photo credit: Full City Coffee House


    Le Pain Quotidien

    Originally from Brussels, this chain is spreading all over the world now. And we know why: Delicious salads, baked goods, fresh lemonade and a big café con leche is making anyone ready to continue their day happily. Like some others mentioned here, LPQ is not primarily focused on coffee but they really do a good job so deserve a place among the best cafes in Buenos Aires! And sometimes you just need more than a cup of coffee.

    If you are on your own and feeling like socializing then join one of their communal tables. And when your batteries are charged again and you’re ready to walk out, we’re wondering if you can resist ordering something to-go at the counter (we can’t: that bread!).

    Palermo Soho: Armenia 1641

    Le Pain Quotidien Buenos Aires

     Photo credit: Le Pain Quotidien



    In the area of Mercado de Pulges we often use Decata as the final destination of our photography tours. Apart from this place in Palermo Hollywood they also have two other branches (in Palermo Soho and Las Cañitas).

    They are well known for their sweets to accompany your coffee (it’s a so-called pasteleria). But, if you happen to hop in at the end of the day or you’re simply craving it: go for wine and cheese! You won’t be disappointed either. We love the modern-retro styling and you can also sit at the big roof terrace. If we would have to choose a place to come back later with a friend to have a drink (or two) this would be our pick!

    Palermo Hollywood: Honduras 6100

    Decata Buenos Aires

    Photo Credit: Decata


    Tea Connection

    So, it might be the case that you’re from England or coffee is simply not your cup of tea. Then definitely try Tea Connection: a vibe as fresh as the ingredients they use! The possibility of choosing from lots of types of (black, red, green and herbal) tea is not common at all among cafes in Buenos Aires.

    Tea Connection has a lot of branches in Recoleta so if you’re already in this neighbourhood (spot and photograph the dog walkers!) then you’ll never have to search for too long.

    Recoleta: Various places, just ask around

    Tea Connection Buenos Aires

     Photo credit: Tea Connection


    And hey, if you’d like to photograph your fuel, consider participating in our Comida Ruta!




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