We value our participant’s feedback more than anything. Since Foto Ruta’s launch in October 2011, the comments and testimonials we’ve received have made us smile. Here are some of our favourites (taken on event, and from our Tripadvisor page):

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Foto Ruta Weekly testimonials


 “Outstanding Experience”

Foto Ruta organized a 9 day photography vacation for us in April 2014. We covered Buenos Aires, Colonia in Uruguay and the Puna desert region in Salta province. We have done photo shoots throughout the world, and I can state without reservation that this was the best experience we have ever had. The itinerary was very organized and corresponded exactly to what we had requested. All of our guides were photo professionals with a deep knowledge of the photography and the locatoins we visited. The number and quality of the images we shot on this trip surpasses any prior photo expedition we have done.

Best of all, the Foto Ruta team are simply great people. We thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent with them and feel like we made new friends. Based on my prior trips, I can also assure you that Foto Ruta offers excellent value.

Robert Larson, California U.S.A

I wish the Ruta had lasted longer”

I loved the whole thing! I only wish it lasted longer. Steer photography in the barrios was a great break from the tourist attractions! The leaders were so nice and awesome to work with. A must-do in BAS.   (M Gerber 18, Chicago Illinois)

“Be a non-tourist for the day”

Not a tour in the traditional sense. This is a treasure hunt, great way to meet people, see hidden secret Buenos aires with a few photography tips for all levels. It’s great for anyone with a creative spark. The girls running this tour are sweet hearts and really trying something fresh and new. Lovely way to spend the day and not feel like your being shoved around on the usual tourist trail. Me gusta!!! (Smokey-toe)

“Loved seeing the city in a different light, just as they promised I would”

Found the tour and girls running it very professional. Didn’t know what to expect but ended up having a real laugh and seeing the city in a completely new and different light, just as they’d promised. A really good time! Fun watching slideshow at the end with everyone’s interpretations of each clue. Highly recommended! (Clemmy, London)

 “A creative photographic concept for all visitors to BA looking to dive into the city.”

The foto ruta team are the perfect catalysts to help you get under the skin and understand Buenos Aires. A great team who through the lens of a phone cam, point and shoot camera or techy DSLR enable you to experience a city which bridges the gap from tourist to city goer in the most engaging way.

If you’re looking for a museum tour…. Jog on, if you’re looking for anything but….. then book in! It’s affordable, fun and even when you think you’re a creative void you’ll be surprised at what a great eye opener this can be.

Well organised and with Jos’s experience as a fab photog you’ll come away with the pics and a brush up on your skills no matter what level you’re at. A must do if you want to ‘get’ BA. (Simon Taylor4)

 “Made me see the city differently”

Until recently, I always walked around Buenos Aires with my iPod headphones listening to music or the radio until I arrived at the place I was going. After I tried Foto-Ruta with a friend  I now leave my ipod at home and walk to my destination…much slower…with a camera in hand. (Sarah Benn, Manchester) 

“A creative street photography tour in Buenos Aires”

This is a great tour concept for anyone interested in photography from the beginner level to the intermediate level. It focuses on visual techniques rather than technical techniques, and really encourages creativity. I had a great time on this tour and highly recommend it as a fun way to explore a part of the city and brush up on your creative photography skills. (Travel Chica, Buenos Aires)

“Enjoyed the hell out of it”

I’m not an experienced photographer by any means, but i really enjoyed the day. The tips given at the start were very useful, and the clues were perfect & open enough for fun interpretation. The length of time was perfect, and the chat afterwards when going through the photos was fun. Also i discovered a part of Buenos Aires I hadn’t seen in 9 months of living here… would recommend to anyone, even those with only a slight or passing interest in photography, it makes you want to learn more… and we certainly did. (Daniel Cough, Buenos Aires)

 “A great way to be sociable as a photographer”

 I don’t normally take city-tours as a photographer, I like to explore more unique places on my own…but Foto Ruta gave me the best of both worlds; a highly original experience as a photographer coupled with great people to share it with. (Pro photographer, London)

 ‘Great Experience’

I took part in two foto ruta days when I was in Buenos Aires, and one foto academia (one day one-to-one). Both the owners of the business, Joss and Becky, are very professional and very friendly. In both the foto rutas I took part in there was a great atmosphere and we even went for drinks with the group after the event. So it´s great to see Buenos Aires in a different way (you definitely do not need to be a photo pro!!) and to meet people from everywhere around the world. Would definitely recommend it and would do it in other cities of the world if it existed!   (Barbara G, London)

“You will see buenos aires as you haven’t seen it before”

I thought the tour was a really awesome way to see Buenos Aires through different eyes. Even if you have never used a camera in your life I can assure you there will be something in the pictures that is worth it that you might not have noticed or anticipated. The girls are friendly and knowledgable of the area and it’s a positive vibe. I went on my own and had a great time so don’t be shy about it.  (Nathalie S, Buenos Aires)

“Awesome way to explore BA and meet new people at the same time!”

Several years after traveling around Argentina with friends, I found myself alone in Buenos Aires on a business trip. Since I’d already done the usual sightseeing activities even the week before, I was looking for something that would get me to a different part of the city. I was thrilled when I stumbled upon great reviews of Foto Ruta. It proved to be a great way to spent my Saturday, explore new parts of BA and interact with fellow travelers/photographers.

Since I was on a business trip, I’d left my SLR at home. My little point and shoot was fine for the day, but I do wish I’d had my other camera with me. The information session at the beginning was great. I tend to prefer to remain anonymous and often feel uncomfortable whipping out my camera. It was great to hear some ideas on how to step out of your comfort zone when taking photos.

I had a great time with my small group exploring a different side of Recoleta. It was great to come up with creative ideas for photos with me and just chat and hear about why they were in BA. At the end it was fun to see what other groups had done and the wine was a nice plus.

Again, I loved my day with Foto Ruta and may sign up for another session if I end up with another weekend in BA anytime soon. Highly recommended! (Travelling Hoya, India)

“A photo tour for all abilities”

As a total beginner to photography (i only take pictures using the auto setting!) I wondered if I might be a bit out of my depth on the photo tour my friend persuaded me into. But the relaxed and fun atmosphere throughout the afternoon, made it perfect for all abilities. I loved the treasure hunt aspect: being given a set of clues really makes you look at things differently. Whilst serious photographers can get more technical with the shots they take, amateurs can focus more on the creative side. I would fully recommend this to visitors wanting to escape the typical tourist routes planned out by guidebooks and also to those who have been here longer and want to see a different side to the city. (Maddie, Hertfordshire)


Foto Ruta Academia testimonials


“Foto Ruta Academia….a Great way to see Buenos Aires”

Foto Ruta offers photography tours on the streets of Buenos Aires. The company gives you a chance to walk various parts of the city alongside a professional photographer. The photographer suggests techniques for capturing images, listening carefully to the kind of photography that especially interests you. As an added bonus, you get to spend the day in the company of someone who knows the city as a local. My guide, Pato, walked us through several beautiful areas of the city, all of which were off the usual tourist track. Pato was warm, engaging and an excellent teacher. At the end of the day, we sat down and reviewed the photographs and I was given lots of written a verbal information to help make my pictures better.’  (Susan HF, Madison, Wisconsin)

“Fun AND informative – a must-do!”

If you’re remotely interested in photography, or simply seeing some part of Buenos Aires you might not otherwise think of visiting, then you just have to do this. Briliant idea, well executed. Explore a ‘barrio’, meet other people, and try and exercise your creativity by taking a few photos along the way, then share feedback over a glass of wine. Prior photography experience not necessary – all will be explained. I had so much fun I did it twice (and I was not alone in this) as they go to different areas each week. Absolutely the most enjoyable aspect of my time here.

Oh, and the girls Joss and Becky know the city inside out and are super-helpful and more than happy to pass on their advice and experiences in terms of what else to do while your here. And if you want to take your street photography to another level then the full-day Foto-Ruta Academia is definitely worthwhile. You’ll certainly see some places you might not even have known existed and certainly one you might not otherwise feel comfortable brandishing a fancy camera. (Benjy H74, Australia)


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