In the short time since Foto Ruta hit the photogenic streets of Buenos Aires, its been hailed as one of the city’s must do tours and excursions. We’ve received a heap of positive reviews from local and international press and the blogging community. Here are are few of our favorites:


Both locals and expats will find that exploring the city with a camera in hand will open them up to things they never knew existed.

Getting a true feel for this city requires unrushed wandering through neighborhood streets.

It is an interactive street photography project designed to get people off the usual and boring Buenos Aires tourist trail to spend their afternoon doing something creative, alternative and to capture the city on camera

Foto Ruta invites you to think outside the box. It’s a great way of meeting new people from all over the world, as well as an opportunity to talk to locals as you try to persuade them to help you set a scene for your pictures!”

Whether you’re shooting on an iphone or a big SLR, Foto Ruta gives tourists a unique way to experience Buenos Aires and teaches skills that can be put into practice in all of your travel photography.

A few weeks back I was invited to tag along with Foto Ruta, a photographic tour through neighborhoods not normally visited by non-residents.

On Saturday I went on a photography tour that is a great way to experience Buenos Aires, and I strongly recommend that everyone place Fota Ruta high on a list of things to do in Buenos Aires.

For more than a year now, Foto Ruta has been an interesting alternative to the much reviled “city tour” that so many visitors have vowed to stay away from.

The mix of old architecture, new graffiti art, and people going about their every day lives makes for a particularly picturesque city in Buenos Aires.

Most recently however, a number of tours that focus on Buenos Aires’ vibrant and ever evolving art scene have sprung up.

A camera is a probably one of the best accessories a traveler can have.

BA’s rich and troubled history, incredible restaurant and nightlight scene and stunning architecture has created an ambiance that rivals that of New York, Madrid or Paris.

With the weather turning ever warmer as the days pass and the spring showers come and go, one thing can be guaranteed – it’s going to get hot, hot, HOT – real soon.

Sometimes it’s worth looking at a city from a different perspective. The wide-angle through the eyes of a tourist quickly becomes monotonous and the sites take on a bland hue.

Travelated is an outrageously clever mash up of the words travel and elated. This name reflects the fact that Traveling is probably the most rewarding and fun thing you can do with your life.

This experience has inspired me to spend more time on the creative aspect of my photography.

As anyone who’s spent a bit of time in Buenos Aires will know, it’s a fantastic city, bursting with life, culture, humor and great places to eat, drink and people watch.

Já tinha ouvido falar um pouco desse passeio, que é uma mistura de turismo com uma pequena aula de fotografia, e como eles estão super bem rankeados no Trip Advisor, resolvi testar!

I was offered a photography tour with FotoRuta in Buenos Aires, Argentina and since this was first time I’ve taken a photography tour, I was super excited.

Happy Friday everybody! Today is all about sharing a few personal images I’m quite excited about! Foto Ruta is a Buenos Aires company run by two awesome expats, Becky and Joss.

I am not a big fan of tours. I’ve traveled a fair amount, and I’ve done a few tours, following the American flag around the tourist trap.

Generally I don’t like guided group tours. For every good tour experience I’ve had four comically bad ones. Usually its a problem with the guide.

While Dan was away in Ecuador, for the qualifying rounds of the South American Cup, I had quite a few days to explore Buenos Aires by myself.

A cada fim de semana o tour do Foto Ruta sai de um bairro diferente de Buenos Aires. Na minha vez, o passeio era pelo bairro da Chacarita, por onde raramente ando.

Esto tour me permitió ver el barrio con más humor, más repensado. Además, lo entretenido es que se va en grupo, uno bien cosmopolita.

Bored of the same old shots of the Plaza de Mayo and the Obelisco? Yeah, so are we. [Foto Ruta] has come to the rescue with a new city tour with a Mario Testino twist.